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  1. How many have had "Electric Machine" failures on REx?

    BMW i3
    Hello all, I have a Dec 2013 i3 REx, well maintained and out of warranty 1 year ago. To cut to the chase, how many people have had "electric machine" failures, ie where the generator attached to the REx has failed? I wonder if BMW are trying to keep this quiet because there seem to be lots of...
  2. Hi - family i3 rex in North London

    Ice Breakers
    Finally picked up yesterday on a 2-year lease. Our first car for four years - back when it was just us two... Keen to hear experiences from - other i3 Rex single-car households with young kid(s)! - fellow Islington Borough EV scheme chargers? A shout out to Park Lane for their quality...
  3. Hold on..... Cup holders thread

    BMW i3
    This thread might get a little of hand so reader beware..... I'm picking up a MY17 i3 Rex in 2 weeks time and getting quite excited however I have a growing concern... Cupholders! Wife and I will be commuting on a daily basis and as such we both take a tea with us for our hour commute. In my 1...
  4. Limited Availability i3 REX's - £321 per Month Lease

    BMW i3
    Hi all, For anyone interested in Personal or Business leases we have great terms on the BMW i3 Range Extender. WE HAVE SEVERAL VEHICLES THAT HAVE COME IN AS CANCELLATIONS DUE TO MANUFACTURING AND DELIVERY DELAYS. Example, on Personal Contract Hire the figures are: - 36 months - BMW i3 94ah...
  5. What %SOC can you manually enable REx?

    BMW i3
    I'm looking at chopping in our second car (ICE) for an i3 REx as we do the vast majority of driving, probably 95%, within EV range and then can rely on REx for the longer trips. My question is this: At what %SOC can you turn on the REx? This may not even be possible, can you manually turn it...
  6. i3 Charging before Off-Peak timer?

    BMW i3
    Ok, bit of a newbie question, i've had a bit of a Google and a look on the forum and apologies if I have missed this answer .... So, lovely i3, 4000 miles from new two in months (all part of the plan) all going swimmingly (brilliantly in fact, smitten!). The weather is getting colder so we are...
  7. Done Lurking - 1st Post (Soon to be a i3 Owner!)

    Ice Breakers
    First of all I would like to say a big thank you to the whole of the SPEAKEV forum and add what a boon it has been for a EV newbie like me. The level of detail of information and guidance and ease of finding interesting stuff to read generally about all aspects of EV ownership has been a...
  8. BMW i3 REx car hire in London

    BMW i3
    Hey guys, do you know of any multi-day car hire services in London to get an i3 REx for around 18 days? Thanks!
  9. A journey through Europe with an i3

    Charging Locations
    Hey all, I'm waiting for my BMW i3 94Ah ReX to be delivered in September (btw, great deal for a business hire at BMW Park Lane), and I was just wondering if it would be crazy enough to leave with that car for a long haul trip through Europe. My plan would be to leave London, take the ferry in...
  10. Insuring an i3 on business contract hire

    BMW i3
    I'm looking to get my first car in the UK and it will be an i3 with range extender. The car will be hired through a business contract hire on a Limited Company I own. I am having more than one headache with the insurance quote though. I have tried Direct Line and Confused.com to get a quote...
  11. Looking to buy an i3 ReX in London

    Ice Breakers
    Hi all, I just discovered this forum and wanted to say Hi. I'm currently living in London, and I own no car at the moment. I have been driving a BMW i3 and a VW Golf GTE using DriveNow and Zipcar, and I loved them both. The idea is to get an i3 as soon as possible, it looks like there are quite...
  12. The Grand i3 Delivery Thread

    BMW i3
    As I am real geek and can't wait for my current lease to run out and be able to collect my i3 (and everyone else is collecting in the next few days :(), I thought I'd share the status of my i3 as it progresses through the build process. I think as its not due till the end of March (just 7 days...