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  1. i3 vs i3s - 120aH

    BMW i3
    Serious predicament! I specified a 120ah i3, with the suite interior and the i3 plus package this week, through a salary sacrifice scheme. I test drove one of the i3's and it was a blast to be fair. Once a month I'd be looking to do a 120 mile journey (100 miles of it being motorway), although...
  2. Need new windscreen on month old i3s - any tips?

    BMW i3
    Bad day šŸ˜¢. On the way to the BMW dealership to get my winter wheels fitted a small stone hit the windscreen. Chipped and small crack. Immediately got appointment at Autoglass to try chip repair unfortunately when the vacuum was applied the crack ran. So I need a new windscreen šŸ˜­. Anyway...
  3. Roadtrip write up - taking a BEV i3s 650 miles to Munich (and back)

    General EV Discussion
    So, I drove my i3s BEV to Munich and back. I have friends out there and decided to try it for no better reason than to see how I got on and with no commitments if I failed and had to turn back! Iā€™ve had disastrous 150mile journeys in the UK so I was more than slightly nervous. I spent hours...