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  1. Of ASDA, and other regularly ICE'd charge points

    General Charging Discussion
    So I'm due to take delivery of my new (to me!) Nissan Leaf this Saturday. For the last few months I've been keeping an eye out at local venues such as ASDA and the outlet retail park and noticed that they are pretty regularly ICE'd and due to being in a small town relatively low volume...
  2. iced, extension cord

    General Charging Discussion
    I Traveled 3 miles to a polar rapid in london shoreditch to be found iced aswell as a tesla driver waiting too, nothing could be done so i whipped out my cable from the boot of the zoe and connected the type 2 cable to the polar type machine cable and made like a 3 meter extension cord. I THINK...
  3. ICE blocking charge point at Popham Sevices .....

    General EV Discussion
    So this bloke rolls up in a swanky Mercedes ICE outside the Starbucks at Popham Services on the A303 and ignores twenty or so empty spaces to park up in the Pod Point charging space. Then he gets busy on his laptop for an hour. The Pod Point sign is conspicuous and the space is asphalted in...
  4. Beast from the East

    Renault ZOE
    With snow being threatened by all the weather forecasts can anyone with experience of driving a Zoe in the snow pass on their experience/advice? Or should I leave her cosy and dry in the garage?
  5. EV Conversion and Vocational Training

    Ice Breakers
    A lot of people seem ready to take the plunge and go for an EV. But are the auto mechanics ready? Check out our kickstarter project that will prepare training packages for mechanics, vocational schools, and convert a Land Rover Defender and VW bug, worst case scenarios so to speak, to EV...
  6. The many nICE guys, who helped me get a charge when desperate.

    General Charging Discussion
    So to cut to the chase I rather psychopathically drove a 8-year old museum piece of an iMIEV with poor battery health and low range home from Scotland to England on Thursday/Friday ( see thread 265 miles in a iMIEV in 26hrs - a crazy trip ). I fell just short of reaching chargers on 3 occasions...
  7. The first death rattles of the internal combustion engine..

    General EV Discussion
    https://www.economist.com/news/leaders/21726071-it-had-good-run-end-sight-machine-changed-world-death Nice piece from the Economist. relatively free of derogatory comments & assumed myth . One misnomer :-
  8. How quickly does your ICE warm up?

    General Volkswagen EV Forum
    Just don't a small test to see how quickly the ICE warms up. Basically to help decide how long to run the ICE for, before the water temp is useful for heating (and improving longer run ICE efficiency). TEST: Switching to GTE mode after joining motorway. Running @~60mph with 10 deg ambient, and...
  9. Frozen charge connector Golf GTE

    General Volkswagen EV Forum
    Hi all, I'm a new GTE owner. I keep the car outside on the drive, plugged into my PodPoint so I can use e-manager etc. Lots of rain the last few days - and last night a frost. The cable connector was frozen solid into the car and I couldn't remove it for ages. This seems to defeat the object of...
  10. Using Kickdown with a cold engine?

    Volkswagen Golf GTE
    So one of my greatest concerns with this car, is driving along in E-mode, then deciding I need a blast of power, when the ICE is stone cold. Its just something I'm not prepared todo, for the below reasons. Now, maybe its because of my Subaru background, it was a hard and fast rule that you...
  11. My first encounter with ICE blocking EV bay

    Charging Locations
    Happened this morning at M6 Charnock Richard southbound. Main car park about 10% full but a black Range Rover Snort had decided it needed to park in the EV bay by the main door to the services. Clearly their own need for a skinny mocha plonkaccino outweighs the need any EV driver might have for...
  12. Getting ICE'd for the first time in Malta

    General Charging Discussion
    Malta is ideally setup for EVs but some education of the masses is still required - however as you can see, they will be learning fast as every Charge Point carries the phone number of the local Police Station and I am assured that prompt action will be forthcoming and fines implemented. I...
  13. It's cold outside, (...there's no kind of atmosphere, ....)

    Kia Soul EV
    How low can you go?
  14. Snow driving

    Volkswagen Golf GTE
    just wondering what this is like to drive in the snow or on ice. Usually I shove the car into 2nd gear and let the traction of my Diesel engine move the car without applying revs or brakes. (Spent time out in Norway with the Royal Marines so had a bit of training in snow driving) Having never...