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  1. Volkswagen ID.3
    Hi All, having been the early adopter of a Renault Zoe back in 2015 we need to get another city run-about and are considering the ID3 as it seems to offer everything one could ask from a car. Conscious that there were some interesting PCP deals around after the initial surge of the First...
  2. Volkswagen ID.3
    Pod point now have timed charging and the ID3 can set departure times. Has anyone managed to make either of these work? I understand the id3 logic of departure times etc but it just seems to charge at a lower rate rather than a few hours before the departure time. We want to make the most of a...
  3. Volkswagen ID.3
    Sup EVers? So I've had a 44kWh Renault ZOE for over 3 years and survived very happily on the 'small' battery. I'm keen on the smallest battery ID3 and was wondering when it's getting unleashed on the UK? Anyone got some insider knowledge?
  4. Volkswagen ID.3
    The base spec Life is £29,170 after the change to £2,500 but the Business will now be £35,400 I know the Business has a few added features over the Life but that is a huge jump in price over £6K more, it doesn't seem a compelling offer over the Life. I notice the configurator has yet to be...
  5. Volkswagen ID.3
    Can you still factory order a Life Pro Performance 204PS ? The Brochure from 11/02/2021 does list both the 145 Pro £31,615 and the 204 Pro Performance at £32,935 however the higher power version has disappeared from the online configurator and entering a previously saved "short code" says it's...
  6. Volkswagen ID.3
    Been thinking about the massive size of the volume controls below the screen and I'm wondering if a future software update may shorten the volume section into the middle and give us two "hot keys" for quick access to a couple of functions, notice the white lines I have circled in red below...
  7. Volkswagen ID.3
    Launched in 2020 as the first fully-electric vehicle to join the Volkswagen family, the ID.3 scored a maximum five-star Euro NCAP safety rating in October – an impressive feat given that 2020’s testing protocols are the toughest ever and the most exacting in the world.
  8. Volkswagen ID.3
    This may help some of us who have didn't go for a 1st edition, The We Charge Go plan available via the We Connect ID App is free for the first 12 months with an ID.3. After 12 months you would have to pay the monthly fee but you don't automatically roll onto it, it is still opt in. Works at...
  9. Volkswagen ID.3
    Among other things this video (with english subtitles) shows how the ID.3 uses a large amount of juice to heat the battery and how the software is not optimised for the heat pump yet. Interesting but a long watch so make a cuppa.
  10. Volkswagen ID.7/Buzz
    Given the debacle of the 1st Edition ID3's it might makes sense to wait till VW are a bit desperate, but I sense the Buzz might be custom order only. Anyone asked their dealer on likely timeline/process?
  11. Volkswagen ID.3
    Continental also make some of the electronics he says. Bit short on detail but gives some basic info.
  12. Volkswagen ID.3
    It's not in english but if you put the YouTube Auto translate subtitles on the basic message is it works well.
  13. Volkswagen ID.3
    We’ve just bought and received our ID3 and had a Pod-Point installed. We are about to go into Octopus Agile for cheaper night time charging. How do I set up smart charging to only charge in the middle of the night rather in peak hours? I can’t figure it out on either my Pod-Point or the ID3.
  14. General EV Discussion
    Well it's happened, getting to 12 months in a Model 3 and getting the itch to jump into something else. Anyone else thinking the same.? Thoughs were either a MG ZS EV or an egolf. Have a test drive for a ID3 on Friday but not sure I will like it enough to justify the cost. Had a MG exclusive...
  15. Volkswagen ID.3
    Does anyone know what colours the ID3 First edition is being released in? I’ve seen it mentioned in forums a few times, but don’t know where the information has come from, or is it speculation?