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    Hi, I would like to share the EV incentives map of the USA. I’ve collected the information about current electric vehicle financial and non-financial incentives and created an interactive map. The main source is Electric Vehicles: Tax Credits and Other Incentives However, some incentives...
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    I've put together an article on government incentives - please let me know if I've missed anything or made any factual errors. Later I'll try to do the same for regional and city schemes. Electric Car Incentives 1: Government - Grants, Road Tax and Company Car Tax - Fuel Included: Electric cars...
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    Some interesting info tonight from the BBC's freedom of information request into Brexit deals promised to Nissan: ... the Japanese company suggested three noteworthy things: First, it proposes new requirements on councils to make sure there are enough electric car charging points: "the...
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    Hi, I am a final year student at the University of Portsmouth and my dissertation is based on electric vehicles. I chose this topic as I am a car enthusiast and believe that electric vehicles will become more widely used a lot sooner than we might think. I am greatly interested in ethical...
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    Hi a new PETITION is up to improve ev car incentives in the UK past the march 2017 review. Click on the link for all info: https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/178155
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    Hi, Would you please support my petution to maintain and improve ev incentives after the March 2017 review Thanks Akash https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/178155/sponsors/Ymr6qVBfcYpeYwiKlCXr