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  1. UK Sets Net-Zero Emissions Target for 2050!

    Power, Fuel, Alt Energy and Environmental Impact
    i read with huge interest UK Govt’s bold step to set a ‘net zero’ emissions target for just 20 years ahead. See: UK commits to 'net zero' emissions by 2050 This would make UK the first of the world’s major economies to make such a demanding pledge! However, in the current political and...
  2. EV Owners in the UK

    Ice Breakers
    Hey all! If you could spend a few minutes answering 8 questions in my survey that will be very helpful! Electric Vehicles
  3. Interview about the experience as an EV Driver

    General EV Discussion
    Dear all, As part of my role within EVBox, I’m running interviews to find out more about the experience of the EV drivers (how do you find the infrastructure, what apps/websites do you use, what changes would you like to see in the future, etc.). If you are driving an electric or hybrid car...
  4. Back in Time to the Age of Fossil Fuels

    General EV Discussion
    OK, now I have an electric car but, I need an one hour charge at work to get safely back home. There are no public chargers in the area and my electric cord has been identified as a "tripping hazard" at work. I have only one practical option left, carry a small generator and burn about a pint of...