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  1. Motor insurance issue

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    We have our motor insurance with charles Hurst insurance. Today we were informed that the underwriter went bust and we were not insured from October! The letter did not come from the insurance broker but from the finance company writing to ensure they will be paid! Other insurance companies...
  2. Which UK insurer covers your Tesla?

    General Tesla Motors Discussion
    The aim of this poll is just to draw up a short list of organisations worth contacting for quotes and not necessarily to discuss the cost and quality of the cover. There are already enough threads on insurance for such discussions! Thanks in anticipation.
  3. Insurance

    General EV Discussion
    We have set up a specialist electric vehicle scheme set up to provide insurance for electric and plug in hybrid vehicles. Our website is now live and we are able to provide quotes. Feel free to have a read of our blogs and please do give us a call or email for a quote. All of our policies...
  4. Insurance again — less impressed with Churchill than before

    Tesla Model S
    I've had my Model S for about six months, and I decided to insure it with Churchill on the basis that they were cheap (~£350p.a.) and seemed to cover pretty much what I needed. The one exception that stuck out was the lack of EU cover, but after getting a quote for the extra fee for an already...
  5. Insuring an i3 on business contract hire

    BMW i3
    I'm looking to get my first car in the UK and it will be an i3 with range extender. The car will be hired through a business contract hire on a Limited Company I own. I am having more than one headache with the insurance quote though. I have tried Direct Line and Confused.com to get a quote...
  6. Insurance Cover for batteries

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    trying to verify what cover direct line offer for flex leased batteries, i.e if i write off the car and rci want £4800 less 10% per year for the battery and the car is valued a £6000-£7000 by direct line does this mean i will get the total value of the car less the battery value that RCI want to...
  7. Who do you insure your Leaf with?

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    I was looking forward to spending the Christmas holidays driving and learning all about my 30 kWh Leaf ordered on 5th November but it has been delayed.:cry: It looks like I will have to do the next best thing and spend even more time on this fine forum. :) I have plenty of time now to...
  8. Your battery safety system will write off your car

    General EV Discussion
    My partner was recently involved in a low speed collision in her Smart ForTwo ED. She has now been told that due to Smart's safety battery shutdown device (which is irreversible) her car is now beyond ecoomic repair. Smart of course did not tell us about this 'feature' when we bought the car...