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  1. GapInsurance.co.uk
    In the year to August 31st, our customers saved an average of £239 each, when buying GAP insurance from us instead of from a car dealership. One customer saved a staggering £1,320! Yes... you read that right... one THOUSAND three hundred and twenty pounds! Don't be ripped off by a car...
  2. GapInsurance.co.uk
    Choosing the right GAP insurance can be difficult with the various options available and the pressure of making sure you choose the best cover for your situation. Here we explain the different types to help you make a decision. If you're still unsure, you can visit our website at...
  3. GapInsurance.co.uk
    OK folks... see my previous post detailing what GAP insurance is and how it works. This post, focuses on the far-from-obvious but potentially costly downfall of almost every other Invoice GAP insurance policy available in the UK when you're purchasing an electric vehicle (e.g. not Contract...
1-3 of 3 Results