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  1. For Sale Hyundai IONIQ 28kWh Premium available for immediate delivery £1,899 / £289

    Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    We have a couple of these brand new and on site available for immediate delivery. On a 4 year personal contract hire @ 8,000 miles per annum they work out at £289 a month with an initial payment of £1,899. Choice of colours, drop me a message or call us on 01524 848000 if anyone is looking for...
  2. From my Ioniq blog - 100 miles charged in 25 minutes

    General EV Discussion
    Just another day with a Ioniq electric...I don't tend to visit the forum much these days because this car just works... How long does it take to charge up 100 miles with an Ioniq Electric?
  3. New Ioniq Electric price revealed

    First Generation Ioniq
    The price of the 2020 Ionic Electric has just been revealed in Germany. €34,900 which will as we all know mean the same in £ so it looks like it will be £31500 after the PICG. Here is the link Everything We Know: New Hyundai IONIQ Electric, Including Price
  4. Brand new IONIQ for £299 a month!?

    Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    Here at Octopus Electric Vehicles, we’re committed to getting you the best deal on your vehicle lease, your own smart charging unit and a specialised energy tariff designed for electric vehicle drivers to charge when home energy is at its cheapest We’ve got some great rates on the Hyundai...
  5. Hello All

    Ice Breakers
    Hello all I'm taking delivery of new Ioniq ev at end of February, first non diesel car. Looking to get a charger for work and home sorted. Work is Belfast, home is Co. Antrim. I don't have off street parking so cannot claim grant for home - looking for recommendations of chargers and companies...
  6. For Sale Hyundai Ioniq Electric x4!!!

    Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    Hi All, We've managed to get our hands on 4x Hyundai Ioniq Electric! All have been registered on 30th September 2018. These cars are like rocking horse poo, so if you want to save the 9 month wait, and also save a couple of thousand pounds as well, then the options are: Ioniq Electric...
  7. Researching for my next EV

    First Generation Ioniq
    **Disclaimer: This posting will be on vehicle specific forums for those EV's I'm interested in as part of my research for my next EV I'm currently driving a 2016 Audi A3 e-tron and with my lease expiring in about 18 months, I'm starting my search for a BEV to replace it, which I plan on buying...
  8. Anyone had this? Warning Light: Check LKAS Check AEB

    First Generation Ioniq
    While on the motorway a few weeks back I got an amber LKAS light and got two warning notifications on the dash: Check Lane Keep Assistance System and Check Automatic Emergency Braking. The light and warnings go away when I restart the car but come back after a couple of minutes, and I haven't...
  9. Bigger battery EV?

    First Generation Ioniq
    (Not sure if this is right forum...will it be 1st or 2nd gen?!) Anyway, I'm keeping my eyes peeled for the supposed "2018, 200+ miles" Ioniq, as our lease expires early 2019. Ioniq looks a decent & affordable car. The greater range would solve the switch away from BMW Rex. I read there are...
  10. ***Casting Call - Hyundai Ioniq Owners needed for Go Ultra Low online ad campaign***

    General Hyundai EV Discussion
    Go Ultra Low is looking for Hyundai Ioniq EV owners to take part in an online ad campaign aimed at creating awareness and offering information about electric cars. If you, or anybody that you know, might be interested in taking part please contact [email protected] with your name, a...
  11. Tour of Cornwall

    First Generation Ioniq
    Just back from a trip to Cornwall from Bedfordshire, my first ever EV trip over 50 miles and using public chargers. Plenty of 50Kw chargers on M4 & M5 also in most major towns.(Ecotricity,Genie & Podpoint) On the trip West bound I had a bad attack of RANGE ANXEITY!! I charged 5 times 2 of them...
  12. Best prices for UK Ioniq Electric?

    First Generation Ioniq
    IONIQForum.com- The Largest Hyundai IONIQ Forum And Community! Hi all :) The 2 year PCP on my Nissan Leaf comes to an end in June and I would very much like to replace it with an Ioniq Electric Premium SE as I was blown away by this car during a recent test drive ... However, despite the...
  13. Is your first car Electric ?

    General EV Discussion
    My work colleague's youngest son is looking for his first car , and has chosen a Ioniq electric. His family & friends are not 'eco orientated ' at all , and are all driving ICE. He's chosen the Hyundai over the Nissan ' on looks ' . Another colleague in their late twenties has just passed...
  14. Hyundai Ioniq Electric Blog

    First Generation Ioniq
    IONIQForum.com- The Largest Hyundai IONIQ Forum And Community! I couldn't find a Hyundai forum so I'm posting here. My friend Trevor Heale is up and running on his Ioniq Electric blog which I've added to our site - prospective owners may find it useful. It is, as is the way with blogs, in...