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  1. Hello from Sturgess Hyundai Loughborough

    Sturgess Hyundai
    Good morning to you all! We are Sturgess Hyundai Loughborough part of the family owned Sturgess Motor Group. We have recently become the first retailer in Leicester to receive Electric Vehicle Approved Accreditation (EVA Scheme) which is a scheme developed by the National Franchised Dealers...
  2. New Video - Plug&Pluy module for hidden EV info

    General Kia EV Discussion
    If you would like to know the state of health of the battery, and other hidden information, of your Niro EV, Soul EV 2020, Kona Electric, or Ioniq Electric 2020, this module will be of interest. Created by Jean-Pierre Lavoie, a member of Hyundai Kona Electric-Québec Facebook page, this module...
  3. Hyundai Ioniq Electric 100kW Premium 38kWh - 24m lease - 8k miles p/a - £1134 initial + £189pm + £150 admin = £5631 @ Leasing Options

    General Hyundai EV Discussion
  4. Hello EV owners! Would you mind doing an interview with us?

    Ice Breakers
    Hello, we are an Italian Research agency and we are interested in interviewing owners of Hyundai Ioniq, Kia Niro, Mini Countryman, Volvo XC60. The interview will happen by phone and it also involves a 4-days diary with video-selfies about driving, charging and overall satisfaction. There is a...
  5. Short-term lease to mitigate customers' Kona EV delivery wait

    Hyundai Kona
    Hyundai Motor UK is offering customers awaiting delivery of its Kona EV electric vehicle access to a short-term lease giving access to an Ioniq hybrid hatchback in a bid to mitigate the effects on long lead times. Speaking to AM this week, Hyundai UK managing director Ashley Andrew said that...
  6. It's offer time on the Hyundai IONIQ! - Octopus EV

    First Generation Ioniq
    Here at Octopus Electric Vehicles, we’re committed to getting you the best deal on your vehicle lease, your own smart charging unit and a specialised energy tariff designed for electric vehicle drivers to charge when home energy is at its cheapest We’ve got some great rates on the Hyundai...
  7. EV FAQ

    General EV Discussion
    Hello everyone, My name is James and I am posting about the new site I have launched; www.electricvehicleexpert.com The aim of the site is to try to help the transition to electric vehicles by providing the information and answers to all topics around electric vehicles. I have started this...
  8. Rapid Charge Adaptors

    General Charging Discussion
    I changed from a Leaf to an Ioniq BEV last year, and am getting increasingly frustrated by the lack of CCS chargers in the UK, and the high failure rate amongst them (especially Ecotricity). Has anyone seen or thought about making an adaptor from Chademo or Tesla Supercharger to a CCS plug? I...
  9. When will we see used Ioniqs?

    First Generation Ioniq
    Suggested to SWMBO the other day that we look at an ex-demonstrator Ioniq and she asked how much that would be. I said about £22k - which went down like a lead balloon... So, my question is when are we likely to start seeing some ex-PCH or ex-PCP Ioniq EVs? Can anyone with insider knowledge...
  10. BMS data from the Ioniq using "Torque"

    First Generation Ioniq
    No degradation reported on my 23 month old Ioniq. Car charges to 95% actual when it reports 100%. Quite a contrast to the UK Leaf24, which by the 2 year point had dropped to average 91% State of Health. Is the Ioniq BMS that good? Time will tell. Ioniq Electric datafest- the “Torque” app
  11. For Sale Hyundai Ioniq Electric x4!!!

    Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    Hi All, We've managed to get our hands on 4x Hyundai Ioniq Electric! All have been registered on 30th September 2018. These cars are like rocking horse poo, so if you want to save the 9 month wait, and also save a couple of thousand pounds as well, then the options are: Ioniq Electric...
  12. What mpg are people seeing on Ioniq hybrids please

    General EV Discussion
    Hi all, looking for some advice please. I already have the full electric Ioniq, and I love it. Racked up >53k miles in 18 months. Now the wife wants the hybrid (not plug in) version. I'm doing my sums etc but what sort of MPG are people seeing for someone who does limited mileage around town...
  13. Outlander PHEV or Ioniq PHEV

    Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV
    Thinking about either of these cars not sure which one to go for any opinions me and or suggestions. Daily commute is 30 miles however do like to venture further afield on days off. Currently driving a Leaf 2.Zero which I am not best pleased with. Also have got a Kona Electric on order delivery...
  14. Leaf30 to Ioniq?

    First Generation Ioniq
    Thinking about swapping my Leaf30 for an ioniq EV? What are peoples thought's on this? I seen online that the ioniq is better at efficiency, especially on the motorway. We usually do a Cornwall trip, ~380 miles and the leaf30 okay but we have to stop 5 times to rapid charge. Would this still be...
  15. How long would a 300 mile trip take in the Ioniq, Leaf 40, or a diesel?

    First Generation Ioniq
    I put together some estimates on this; I'd be interested in your thoughts! Lets compare theoretical long journey times in the Ioniq, Leaf(s) and a diesel…
  16. Strong regen!

    First Generation Ioniq
    I saw -87kW regen braking in the Ioniq yesterday. Interesting that this matches the maximum power output. I guess it makes sense, because we know that the charger is 100kW capable. What is also interesting is that this was available with 90% battery charge and in cold weather. This is nearly...
  17. We're an ICE free household!

    General EV Discussion
    We now have 2 EVs in the house, no more diesel or indeed any form of ICE in the house! As I've been tinkering with engines of one sort or another since my childhood (anyone remember control line planes and "glow plug" engines?)- this feels like quite a milestone. In case you're wondering we got...
  18. Anyone had this? Warning Light: Check LKAS Check AEB

    First Generation Ioniq
    While on the motorway a few weeks back I got an amber LKAS light and got two warning notifications on the dash: Check Lane Keep Assistance System and Check Automatic Emergency Braking. The light and warnings go away when I restart the car but come back after a couple of minutes, and I haven't...
  19. Leasing Prices Getting Lower

    First Generation Ioniq
    Not sure if this of interest for anyone but here goes anyway. I've been following the leasing prices for the Ioniq EV for over 12 months now. I've seen the prices go as high as £300 pcm, but now i've just been sent an alert to tell me that the lowest price is now £229.97 pcm. The link goes to...
  20. ***Casting Call - Hyundai Ioniq Owners needed for Go Ultra Low online ad campaign***

    General Hyundai EV Discussion
    Go Ultra Low is looking for Hyundai Ioniq EV owners to take part in an online ad campaign aimed at creating awareness and offering information about electric cars. If you, or anybody that you know, might be interested in taking part please contact [email protected] with your name, a...