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  1. Ionity £8 a session charge - good idea or offputting?

    General Charging Discussion
    First Ionity in UK - Kia Niro EV Tests First IONITY Charging Station In England: Video I'm in two minds but verging towards, its a bad idea. In one respect it will stop people just adding a few % if they are passing by. On the other hand it will encourage people hanging on to eke out the last...
  2. VW plans for IONITY

    General Charging Discussion
    I think one of the interesting side comments made during the VW ID.3 presentation was VW's plans for Ionity. If they are really going to roll out charging hubs every 70 miles or so on all major motorways does that mean - finally - time up for Ecopaucity and the EH? Will it mean that, finally...
  3. Ionity - 95% of 400 locations apparently secured.

    General Charging Discussion
    Ionity CEO Michael Hajesch claims that they had secured contracts for about 95 per cent of the planned locations by now. According to the executive, rapid progress in network expansion can be expected “in the next 30 days”. from this article, Ionity reports progress of high power charging -...
  4. Ionity first 20 CCS Rapids in next 8 weeks!

    General Charging Discussion
    The Volkswagen Group, Daimler, Ford, and BMW have inked a deal to set up what they have named “Ionity,” a high-power charging (HPC) network tailored to EVs in European countries. Germany, Norway, and Austria will be getting the first stations and these are going to be located at intervals of 120...