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  1. General EV Discussion
    Hello all, I’d be grateful for your honest opinions as to what you would do in my position. Both these choices are a 2yr, salary sacrifice lease, 10000miles/yr, charge point installed at home. No other choice of spec/colour etc. Price is the monthly reduction in my take home pay and includes...
  2. Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    Only Octopus bring together a handpicked range of the world’s best EVs, a team of impartial experts to help you choose (and get you a great price), your own smart charger that saves you money when you charge, 100% renewable electricity for your car and home, and a free support helpline for as...
  3. General EV Discussion
    Just saw the new Jaguar I-Pace advert, interesting... As with most adverts, hopefully nobody takes it seriously As the lady walks out of the hotel, replying to the receptionist with reference to the lightning She says something like “It’s just electricity, nothing to be afraid of” It’s a nice...
  4. Jaguar I-PACE
    Instruction / user Manual wanted ! ... Demonstrator finally got to D'orset. Has anyone got the Manual in pdf ? Web link, dropbox, or PM mucho appreciated ... so I can be up to speed by Monday - as, from previous encounters, I doubt the 'sales child' will be
1-4 of 4 Results