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  1. General Charging Discussion
    I'm giving thought to a trip to the SW of Ireland this year, I've done John O'groats & Landsend. I expect to avoid the high season and go in April or September, can anyone offer advice? How up-to-date are the Zap-map and ABRP apps (and ESB) providing availability info? Would you expect chargers...
  2. Charging Networks
    Hi all, I'm thinking about driving from Devon to Donegal in a 30kWh Leaf (so using chademo chargers). Does anyone know how the charging network is doing in Ireland? Any hints of tips for EV driving in Eire? Thank you, much appreciated, Stephen
  3. Tesla Model 3
    While there's no Tesla store in Northern Ireland (yet), we were delighted to be able to do the 4 hour round trip today to meet the Model 3 in Dublin. Some impressions, photos and a quick video here... We Meet The Tesla Model 3 in Dublin – Photos & Video Thanks.
  4. General Charging Discussion
    For my next long distance jaunt in my e-Golf I'm vaguely considering Ireland. I've never been, I have a conference in Dublin in September and by then I'll be needing a holiday. If I was being sensible I'd fly over with everyone else and hire a car to go touring. But I'm up for a challenge, so...
  5. Ice Breakers
    Hi all, Long time follower of EVs and this forum now considering changing to a PHEV this year, more specifically to an Ampera. Currently we have an MX5, which was fine as up to a few months ago, a car was not required for our commutes (motorbike & bicycle) and MX5 was a nice runabout for the...
  6. General Renault Z.E. Discussion
    Two intrepid adventurers complete a 1382km journey of Ireland in a Renault Zoe ! Read more here.
  7. General Charging Discussion
    Please consider signing this online petition to let the Irish electricity provider, ESB, know that their proposed fee structure is far from ideal, and please leave a comment next to your signature, if you can. I am not connected to the petition, just one of the later signers: rethink EV...
1-7 of 7 Results