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  1. For Sale Type 2 Cable - Nissan Leaf 32a

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    Now listed on ebay
  2. Type 1 charging plug

    General Charging Discussion
    I have been looking online to see if anyone sells a waterproof shroud that goes over the J1772 plug so that when it is plugged into the car it covers the socket to prevent water getting into the socket, was looking to use a universal CV boot and adapt that.... has anyone thought or made...
  3. SAE Combo or J1772 Combo

    General Charging Discussion
    There is this new standard for DC fast charging and it is on some new cars but, not many chargers have it yet. I can get the receptacle for my car but, I have no idea how to wire the thing. The protocol for the j1772 is the same but, the question is- How do I wire in the two DC terminals? I...
  4. Type 1 connector becoming hard to insert or remove

    General Charging Discussion
    I have a couple of cables from EV Cables (via Amazon fulfilment). Over the course of a few weeks it has become much harder to plug in and remove; to the point I have now stopped using it in case the force required breaks something. I have sent the seller a request to repair or replace and am...
  5. Let's Make Places to Charge It.

    General EV Discussion
    Now we have electric cars. Now we need more places to charge them. I am eager to hit the highway and go far and wide with my own EV but, there are few chargers along the route. What I would like to see in Michigan, would be several chargers at every rest stop along the highway. Most chargers...
  6. EVNEX Charger on Kickstarter

    General Charging Discussion
    For those that are interested in chargers and adaptability, check out this kickstarter project! - Low cost, modular solution - J1772 Compatible - Adaptive Charge Interface (ACI) - 6 to 80 A charging current depending on supply to unit and hardware - Easy renewable energy...
  7. Discounted Charging Cables and Components at EVBitz.uk

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    See EVBitz.uk for quality charging cables in 16A and 32A versions in 3, 5, 8 and 10m standard lengths. Longer cables can also be ordered if required. DIY EVSE components also available including special 5 core (3 x power, 2 x signal) cable, Mainpine EPCs, Dostar Type 1 and 2 (male and female)...