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jaguar ipace

  1. Unusable Rapid - cable too short

    General Charging Discussion
    Just a week into my iPace and starting to come up with some issues, not necessarily car-related. Just pulled up at my nearest Rapid (ChargeYourCar). One of the two bays was free, and the CCS connector was available. Frustrated to discover that the tethered CCS cable is too short to reach the...
  2. Charging at 100Kw/hr

    Jaguar I-PACE
    Does anybody have any experience of charging on the IONITY network? Or for that matter any network that can deliver 100Kw? I'm a frequent user of IONITY (Gretna and Newport Parnell) but can not get anywhere near 100, 60-70 being typical and yes, that’s between 20% and 80% battery charge.
  3. Problems charging iPace from 13amp 3 pin socket

    General Charging Discussion
    Occasionally it is convenient to charge using a standard 3 pin socket. This works fine at my house, my sons house and at the dealership. However at 2 locations, a holiday rental house and a hotel, the car did not get past the initialing phase and no charge was added. Does anyone else have this...
  4. Autobahn Test Video: Jaguar I-PACE vs. Tesla Model X

    Jaguar I-PACE
    German electric car rental company nextmove did a test drive with the Jaguar I-PACE and the Tesla Model X on the German Autobahn. The video has English subtitles and several nice charts. They are testing the long range capability of the Jaguar and compare it in parallel to the Tesla Model X...