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  1. Ampera - would I buy another one?

    First Generation Ampera and Volt
    Teaching and training vehicle recyclers how to safely handle and dismantle high voltage vehicles is one thing, but how different is every day driving when you run one of these vehicles, how does it change your driving style and journey planning? I have just reached two and a half years of...
  2. Mobile Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles

    General EV Discussion
    Dear EV Owners, I am an engineering student in London and am interested in pursuing an electric-vehicle related business. I have been thinking of developing a system whereby EV owners could have access to a network of portable charging stations via a fleet of vans or trucks. I am still in the...
  3. If you could crowd imagine an EV, what would it be like?

    General EV Discussion
    I'd like to see a crowd-imagined electric car, that takes all the best parts of every EV... has a big enough battery at least 300miles roof is one big solar panel wind turbines on the front grill to regen while driving better regen braking less heavy metal in the battery manufacturing process...
  4. Vlogging to encourage others to go electric!

    General EV Discussion
    Hey Everyone, Ive been here a fair few years now and class myself as an enthusiast, evangelist and owner in the UK since 2013 (Renault Zoe 100% electric). Loving Tesla and what they have done for making electric vehicles cool and mainstream. I want to convert friends and family by answering EV...
  5. First BIG journey completed :)

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    We've had our Leaf for three weeks now and on Saturday we complete our first "big" journey. Very pleased with ourselves :D We drove from Nottingham to Chatsworth House and back - a round trip of 80 miles - and didn't stop to charge anywhere. Made it home with 16 miles and 16% left in the...