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  1. Second Gen Nissan LEAF (LEAF40 & LEAF62)
    Dear All I've had my Leaf 62 for just over a year now and until recently my wife and I had averaged 3.5 miles/kWh, according to the in-car display. Summer average has been a little better, at 3.75. Winter average significantly worse, at 3.1. Spring and autumn closer to summer than winter. I've...
  2. General EV Discussion
    A day ago my wife asked me, "How I got 102 miles p/kWh?" I said, "What the f*** are you talking about?", thinking she was getting something wrong, you know, we men ARE superior when it comes to car stuff. She's got it wrong🤷🏻‍♂️ Nope, her Kia was saying 102 miles. Obviously a glitch but here it...
  3. General EV Discussion
    The big EV spreadsheet is renewed with normalized consumption figures from practical test's. All test's are documented with video's. And with the charging power and time data is also the average speed calculated for long trips. And for the english/american people also Watthour/mile column. :)
1-3 of 3 Results