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  1. Electric Energy Consumption - Help

    General EV Discussion
    Hi folks, I did a test drive in a DS3 Crossback e-tense and I loved it. In the energy info it says: Electric Energy Consumption : 3.5 Miles/KWh This is what I do not really understand, I know in my Merc I can get a good 60mpg but what does this mean above? Is the higher the number better or...
  2. Range vs Efficiency

    General EV Discussion
    It seems to me that the EV market is missing a key piece of information when you are looking for your next vehicle. For all ICE we have for years based our view of efficiency on MPG, but I can't find any such readily available indicator for EVs. It's not hard to find the total WLTP range and...
  3. Battery Lease vs. Buy Outright

    Renault ZOE
    Looking to buy a new Zoe ZE40 but I'm debating whether to lease the battery or buy it outright. The only reason I would not want the battery lease is that after 10+ years or so (time I hope to own the car for) whenever I decide to get rid of the car or part exchange it, the lease would not...
  4. 11.6 kwh used

    First Generation Ampera and Volt
    There must be some bug when the computer calculates the used KWh maybe it also counts the kw regened?
  5. 6.3 miles / kWh

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    Just reset my trip meters, then drove back from the beach, then into town to where I'll park for work, then home. These are the results of my test. 30kW LEAF. I floored it at traffic lights twice as well :ROFLMAO:
  6. Passat gte charging kw?

    Volkswagen Passat GTE
    I know that the Passat GTE can only take 3.7kw max during a charge but can you connect it to a higher kw charger and the car will regulate it so that it doesn't damage the battery. I am using eurotunnel and the type 2 charger there is 43kw. Can I use this and effectively it will just use 3.7kw...
  7. miles/kWh

    Volkswagen Golf GTE
    The GTE driver display shows mpg and mi/kWh. What exactly are mi/kWh, and what values are people getting? Yours curiously....
  8. Car-Net Mpg / Mi-Kwh Data available? POLL - (pls vote!)

    General Volkswagen EV Forum
    JUST ADDED A QUICK POLL .. please please tick the box. Thx (y) ----------------------------------------------------------------- Anyone tried to export your excel data in the wonderful Car-Net Web app recently? Seems like someone at VW has tidied the XLS sheet up a little, but a bit pointless...
  9. True MPG equivalent cost of GTE

    Volkswagen Golf GTE
    Clearly the figures on the screen double count so are meaningless (if you use both fuels)... so I've worked out the equivalent cost of the electric (@13.5 p per kWh) in "petrol cost" and on my first half tank doing about half miles Elec I'm getting an equivalent cost of 55mpg. Do I get a prize...
  10. Kangoo ZE van missing kWhs

    General EV Discussion
    When going for maximum range in my Kangoo van my best yet is 88miles remainder 4 . It shows in the trip computer using 16kWhs . If it's a 22kWh battery where did the other 6kWhs go ? Electric White Van man