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  1. Leaf 2 Pod Point Owners Might Need Software Upgrade

    Nissan Leaf40
    Hi all I'm a happy Leaf 2.zero owner from April 2018. Wife does 90 miles a day. Recently we had some episodes of waking up to a partially charged car. On the first few occasions I thought I hadn't plugged the car in properly, or perhaps had hit the remove plug button instead of car lock button...

    Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    I have a LEAF Tekna 2018..2.5k miles. Looking to swap my 17inch wheels for 16inch wheels off of the acenta etc I've got one accenta and one tekna..want to keep all wheels the same size so I can buy a spare that will deal with both cars. Based in Glasgow. Anyone interested get in touch.
  3. Cruise Control

    Nissan Leaf40
    I have a LEAF 40 Acenta and have also used an N-Connecta (propilot) model as a courtesy car. While they both have adaptive cruise control, my basic Acenta model has an annoying quirk and/or fault. How cruise control works in: N-Connecta - set the speed and let the car do its thing. When other...
  4. Holiday in France

    Nissan Leaf40
    Had Leaf40 since the beginning of July; spent 2 weeks in France recently. Saw several charging points empty, only needed to use one during travels, rapid chademo charge using chargemap card - no problem. Charged overnight using 16A adapter on the granny cable at the house we were staying at...
  5. I love my Leaf 40kW (2018)

    Nissan Leaf40
    There are lots of threads on the problems and issues of the latest Leaf, but having owned mine for a month I simply love it. It's not perfect (no car I have bought ever has been), Nissan Customers “Services” are far from perfect, but this thread is for people to say what they like about their...
  6. Deceived by Nissan?

    Nissan Leaf40
    I wanted an electric car for quite a while so I could stop poisoning my fellow citizens but all the EVs on offer had hopeless range for my needs. Then I saw all the publicity about the new 2018 Leaf that would do ‘up to 235miles’. A dream come true I thought and got my order placed in February...
  7. Leaf40 Accessories

    Nissan Leaf40
    Hello, I’m wondering if anyone has gone for any accessories and if you would recommend any of them or if they’re a waste of money? In particular I’m interested in getting the floor mats although I wonder if the mats for the older leaf would fit the new leaf just as well? I would prefer rubber...
  8. For Sale Drive Electric - Nissan Leaf 40kw 2018- Leasing Opportunity

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    Hello from the Drive Electric Team! We are pleased to announce we are offering a very competitive personal and business lease on the New Nissan Leaf 40kW, currently set for deliveries in March/April on stock vehicles and May/June for new orders. Here is our headline offer for the Nissan Leaf...
  9. New Leaf 2018 mats

    General Nissan EV Discussion
    Has anybody found some decent looking tailored velour mats for the 40kwh Leaf other than the over priced Nissan ones yet? Better still has anyone got some already that could rate them? Thanks