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  1. Insurance Cover for batteries

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    trying to verify what cover direct line offer for flex leased batteries, i.e if i write off the car and rci want £4800 less 10% per year for the battery and the car is valued a £6000-£7000 by direct line does this mean i will get the total value of the car less the battery value that RCI want to...
  2. Changing T1 Tethered to T2 tethered at home help required

    General Charging Discussion
    I've had a Nissan Leaf for 3 years which is going back soon. I've already bought an Audi A3 e-tron which will be its replacement. 3 years ago I got Chargemaster to fit a tethered Type 1 cable to my home, but of course I would now like a Type 2 tethered. When I called Chargemaster they said they...
  3. New A3 etron owner

    Ice Breakers
    Just picked up a Feb 16 ex demonstrator A3 etron from Lincoln Audi today. Got it on a pcp for £220 a month which is the same as I'm currently paying for our Leaf which seems very good, especially as it has over £2500 options. Our Nissan Leaf is going back next month after three brilliant years...
  4. New Acenta Leaf owner, Lewes, UK

    Ice Breakers
    Hi everyone, I have just bought my first ev!! A metallic red, second hand Acenta Leaf. 2015, only 200 miles (ex-demo.) Has 6.6kwh fast charger and is in perfect condition inside & out. Was £11,495. Paid for it outright, battery & all. Will pick it up Friday. Have been looking at Leafs for...
  5. Hi- looking for a used Leaf

    Ice Breakers
    Just joined the forum as I'm looking for a used Leaf to replace my small diesel. From what research I've done it looks like a Leaf will cope with a 25-30 mile commute (each way, up to 60 miles total per day). Please correct me if I'm wrong! There's a charging post I can use at work, but would...
  6. Is this the cheapest used leaf in the country?

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    A 2011 leaf 72000 miles one bar lost Not bad for a gen1 64 miles at 100% charge. Is this what we can expect from a gen2 or will it surpass 100k before a range of 64 miles is seen?
  7. Ex-Demo '65 Plate LEAF For Sale

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    We have just reduced our ex-demo LEAF to a great price. It is a Tekna 24KW in Flat Red 3.3KW for only £12,995 and it has done around 5,000 miles Let me know if you are interested.
  8. Hi fellow EV owners! Help needed to get product photos of EVs charging.

    Ice Breakers
    Hello from London, I started EV Cables Ltd supplying innovative charging cables. I was wondering if there are anyone who would like to help me get photos of the our cables charging with your EV. If you have an hour to spare and live around greater London, I would love to hear from you. We are...
  9. Nissan leaf BEEEPPPPPPEEEPPPP How to disable?

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    Does any one know if the charger beeping and flap opening beeps can be disabled or where the bleedy thing is i can disconnect it It's driving me nutty!!!!!
  10. Innovation Specialist at Nissan London West

    Ice Breakers
    Hello guys I would like to introduce myself as the Innovation Specialist at Nissan London West. My name is Amjad Yasin and I have currently been doing the role for a few months now. I enjoy working with the leaf and also driving the leaf. I am hear to help customers as much as I can and also...
  11. New Leaf in France

    Ice Breakers
    Hi to all , this is my first post. After a couple of years of waiting (yearning) for a Leaf with an extended range I finally plunged for the new 30kwh Acenta and ordered it in February. Thanks to Nissan and to Segolen Royale who changed the French regulations so we could a decent grant towards...
  12. Nissan takes pop at tesla model 3 reservations

    General EV Discussion
    Don't know why they are trying to drum up sales and take a pop at tesla when everyone knows tesla is not just a compliance car company and the model 3 will beat anything around at the time. Nissan trolls Tesla Model 3 in new ad campaign | BGR
  13. Homeless Nissan Leaf's, looking for a new Home!!!!

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    Do you have space for an unloved EV their great company they don't bite they certainly don't bark They may whine a little!!. However they do need to be walked occasionally, they certainly wont eat you out of house and home and when you tell them to stay they do until you return. A great second...
  14. 2016 Leaf Recall??

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    In the process of buying a brand new leaf. Was supposed to take delivery last week but it has been recalled for a software update before they could complete the deal. Anyone know anything about this recall, I haven't found any information on the web and the dealers aren't saying much.
  15. Leaf just got it's 1st Service

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    Phoned up our local Nissan dealer and booked it in for a "while you wait" service - was meant to take 45 minutes but the computer was occupied but it was pretty painless. I got a battery report which (of course) was 5 starts all round and they checked the tyre pressures, brake pad inspection and...
  16. My first encounter with ICE blocking EV bay

    Charging Locations
    Happened this morning at M6 Charnock Richard southbound. Main car park about 10% full but a black Range Rover Snort had decided it needed to park in the EV bay by the main door to the services. Clearly their own need for a skinny mocha plonkaccino outweighs the need any EV driver might have for...
  17. We need a section for "Our Leafs" :) My Leaf in Malta

    General Nissan EV Discussion
    We should have a section of the Leaf forum where we can post photos and stories about our own Leafs. I am going to post lots of photos of mine in as many picturesque locations of Malta and Gozo as possible - just to make everyone else jealous lol - it would be nice to see other people's great...
  18. For Sale Rare! OEM LEAF charge port cover

    Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    Hello! I'm selling the ultra-rare LEAF charge port cover. Normally costing over £200, it's a breeze to install, looks fantastic and is extremely practical. Keep your charge ports protected from the elements and free from dirt, debris and the prying hands of vulture-like Outlander* drivers...
  19. Nissan LEAF 30KW for £199 per month

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    Nissan Ashford are currently offering the Nissan LEAF Acenta 30KW for only £199 per month. You just need a £500 deposit. The 30KW LEAF is the longer range model too. The monthly cost is based upon 6000 miles per year in flat paint over a 3 year period. This longer range model also has an 8 year...
  20. Comfort differences between the Acenta and Tekna

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    This might be useful for anyone considering purchasing a Nissan Leaf as I had the chance to compare both an Acenta and a Tekna and noted the quite noticeable differences in the two models when comparing ride comfort. Firstly the Tekna, the one will all the bells and whistles, comes with 17"...