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  1. Wanted Nissan Leaf Tekna 40kwh 2018 Not white

    Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    I'm looking for a new or very low mileage Nissan Leaf Tekna 40kwh 2018. Ideally red but certainly not white. Willing to travel Any leads gratefully received Thanks
  2. Sold 3 x Leaf Acenta! From only £190 deposit £190 a month

    Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    Hi All, Sorry! These offers have now all finished, please give us a call and we shall see what we can do to help! 01527 575157 Hi all, Been a while since we have posted on here, but thought we would offer up our used Leaf Stock for sale. We have recently reduced all these cars, and if...
  3. "Battery lifespan": Capacity loss vs battery failure

    General EV Discussion
    When people say that the lifespan of a Leaf's battery is 8 - 10 years, do that mean that the car will not be able to move after that time? Or are they talking about loss of useful range, like the 70% capacity loss that Nissan talk about?
  4. Sold 2013 First Gen Nissan Leaf £7250

    Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    ****PRICE UPDATED - £6995***** Due to a change of circumstances it looks like I'm going to have to get rid of my first generation Leaf as it unfortunately no longer fits the bill. It is white and has just over 24000 miles and has lost one battery bar. It's got full Nissan Service and is...
  5. Will Nissan make the 60kwh battery available to 40kwh owners

    General Nissan EV Discussion
    This is a thought that popped into my head. Do we think that Nissan will.make the 60kwh pack available for owners of the 40kwh Leaf. This would make a car that I am not too keen on right now into a much more appealing option esp finally for longer journeys. If they would how much would be...
  6. Leaf30 to Ioniq?

    First Generation Ioniq
    Thinking about swapping my Leaf30 for an ioniq EV? What are peoples thought's on this? I seen online that the ioniq is better at efficiency, especially on the motorway. We usually do a Cornwall trip, ~380 miles and the leaf30 okay but we have to stop 5 times to rapid charge. Would this still be...
  7. The PlugSeeker

    General EV Discussion
    Greetings SpeakEV Fellow EV drivers Thought i’d pen a little introduction on here for those I haven’t chatted to before in other online platforms. I am most prominently active in Twitter. I met a few of you at Fully Charged Live 2018 (which was really great!) I am a driver of a NissanLeaf 30kW...
  8. Water cooling idea for 40kW Leaf?

    Nissan Leaf40
    I was talking about this on FB so I'm posting it here while the idea is fresh in my mind. ________________ There's so much wasted space, they could easily have fitted water cooling in there, with an external radiator behind the front air scoop. Maybe someone will do a retrofit. It can't be a...
  9. Hello SpeakEV.... Goodbye ICE

    Ice Breakers
    Cambridge based and just bought a new Leaf 40kW. Have been given a lead time of January but can wait (argh). Going from the worst car in my department to the best! I've got LOTS of reading to do if these forums but being a little geeky I'm loving the tech side of EVs. I'm sure that I'll...
  10. Foam fitted to Leaf boot

    General Nissan EV Discussion
    I bought this thick case foam so I can transport my telescope. It should help deaden sound from the back. Leaf bits N bobs fit nicely down the sides. Cheap too, saved me £100 over a telescope case. FLIGHT CASE FOAM. SELECT SIZE & THICKNESS. GREY CASE LINING / PACKAGING FOAM | eBay
  11. Nissan Leaf Towbar/Bicycle Rack Hitch - Update!

    Nissan Leaf40
    Hi all, have an L40 Nissan leaf since middle may (3.5k miles on it already) and loving it, however i would love to put a bicycle rack on the back (not roof - economy, not strapped to boot - i want to keep the spoiler and paintworkin intact). So I have been onto Nissan Ireland / Nissan Europe...
  12. 6.3 miles / kWh

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    Just reset my trip meters, then drove back from the beach, then into town to where I'll park for work, then home. These are the results of my test. 30kW LEAF. I floored it at traffic lights twice as well :ROFLMAO:
  13. Which second hand EV?

    General EV Discussion
    Hello all, Thanks for any help or suggestions. Our Skoda Superb has been written off and we are hoping to take the chance to swtich to an EV. We have two young children (3) and (1) and would need the car to do regular 40 mile each way commutes. Around 4 times a year we do a trip to...
  14. Use Type 1 - Type 2 charging lead with Type 2 portable charger

    General Charging Discussion
    Hi folks, First time poster here. Sorry if this is a dumb or duplicate question but I'm hoping to someone else has had a similar issue. At the moment I've a Nissan Leaf which came with a Type 1 (J1772) to a Type 2 (62196) charging cable. Most of the public chargers in Ireland use Type 2 and...
  15. Considering an EV

    Ice Breakers
    Hello All, Been lurking for a little while, but thought it was about time I jumped in and asked for some advice. I’ve been considering the move to an EV for some time now, on and off over the last couple of years. However my circumstances don’t lend themselves particularly well to owning...
  16. Hi new Leaf owner going to France - need charging help!

    Ice Breakers
    Got a new 40kw Leaf and going to France next month. Can anyone advise what is required for charging cards, apps etc. Ordered NewMotion card and looking at ChargeMap card. Any other suggestions? Will be in the north-west of France. Love the car - feels so weird driving it.
  17. Abandoned Leaf

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    On a nearby road, there's bean a white Leaf (Acenta) parked on a nearby road for the past few months. It hasn't moved, and it's had it's charging flap open. The council contractors came and resurfaced that road a week or so ago, and they lifted and shifted the car with a crane truck to a nearby...
  18. Ajax's stadium powered by LEAF batteries

    General EV Discussion
    Nissan Leaf batteries power Dutch stadium's energy storage system | Autocar
  19. Leaf 60kWh wish-list

    General Nissan EV Discussion
    As someone whose 40kWh purchase fell through, I am now thinking of waiting to see what the 60kWh will bring. In no particular order, here's my (fairly realistic) wish list of 'wants' from the new, new Leaf. Some are must-haves and some are just wishful thinking! Battery temperature...
  20. Swapping a Leaf 1 for a Leaf 2 - Charger Pod Issue

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    I have a 2017 30kWH Leaf and a tethered 7kW POD Point at home. I am upgrading to the 2018 40kWH Leaf and now find out that the new Leaf has a Type 2 charging socket in place of the Type 1 socket used on the old Leaf. POD want £270 just to swap the cable. I can buy a short 32A Type 1 to Type 2...