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  1. BMW i3
    Having driven this thing for 26 months, I have picked up 6 points and attended a driver course since August this year! so I thought, must be more pro active and set the speed limiter, so where is it? only thing i can get to work is the crusie control and follow thing, but I want to limit the max...
  2. First Gen Nissan LEAF (LEAF24 & LEAF30)
    Hi all Inspired by some comments on another thread, wondering what the general feeling is? Q - When on the "open road" (i.e. not town or city driving), do you prefer to cruise it, or limit it, or neither? (y):)
  3. General EV Discussion
    Guys, I was wondering how many miles can we travel when the EV gets to reserve mode ? I mean after a low battery warning pops up, how many miles can the car actually travel before we get to the next charging point? Does it vary from car to car or is there some common ground on this - Which is...
1-3 of 3 Results