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  1. London Charging

    Ice Breakers
    Hello everyone, I've just bought a hybrid (Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV) and I live in Dalston, London. To be honest I'm feeling a bit duped. I bought a hybrid because I didn't want to add much to London's pollution and I thought it'd be a more economical way of driving in the city. However it...
  2. Charging in London

    General Charging Discussion
    Hi I recently got my Nissan Leaf and it's perfect for my 23-something miles to work commute. I was thinking about using it for one of my monthly Sunday London trips but that's around 50 miles so I'll need to charge when I get there. The destination is 18 Store St, Bloomsbury, London WC1E 7DH...
  3. Abandoned Charge Points

    General Charging Discussion
    First off this is possibly a London area specific issue so i'll apologise in advance. We took delivery of a Soul EV recently and everything has been fine, except for public charging. Specifically the issue of "legacy" chargers operated by Source London, how has this situation been allowed to...
  4. Car transport advise?

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    Hi there. New here and ready to embrace the EV community! So, since I live in London and work mostly in London,i though about getiing a used 24kw Tekna to commute in the city, and I have around 3 to 4 charge points in a 3 miles radius close to home, so I got good cover. Tomorrow I am going to...
  5. Westfield Shopping Centre

    Charging Locations
    Can somebody let me know about charging (type 2) at Westfield. I'm planning a trip in May in the LEAF24. I'm planning a charge at Oxford M40 services and hope to park at Westfield and get a charge whilst I go down to Olympia. It'll be my 1st time taking the LEAF into London. What do I need to...
  6. Congestion Charge Penalty

    General EV Discussion
    For EV drivers who are planning to travel via London's Congestion Charge Zone. Please be aware that many EV drivers have received Congestion Charge Penalty. They were advised that there is no congestion charge for EV's but they were not informed that the electric cars have to be registered on...
  7. Survey

    Ice Breakers
    Dear EV users. Could you please answer two simple questions in relation to electric car usage. In return for 2 minutes of your time we will randomly pick one person for a EV ( luxury car ) tour through London with lunch. Thank you in anticipation! ElectricStreets.com Tell us about your EV...
  8. EV Charging : A major inconvenience, or a healthy new habit?

    General EV Discussion
    Hi all! I've had an EV itch that I've been wanting to scratch for years now, I built an electric bike years ago and was amazed by the torque and performance (10Kw motor on a 30kg bike). And a friend built a 300KW electric Mazda mx5, and recently I tested a Tesla P90D. The tech is incredible, no...
  9. Looking to buy an i3 ReX in London

    Ice Breakers
    Hi all, I just discovered this forum and wanted to say Hi. I'm currently living in London, and I own no car at the moment. I have been driving a BMW i3 and a VW Golf GTE using DriveNow and Zipcar, and I loved them both. The idea is to get an i3 as soon as possible, it looks like there are quite...
  10. New Source London locations in Kensington and Chelsea

    Charging Locations
    It seems that Kensington and Chelsea have earmarked a load of new charging locations for Source London, which are now showing as 'Coming soon' on the Source London map. These aren't the sort of swap-out-working-posts-for-different-model upgrades that takes months to put live. Kensington and...
  11. Help needed from everyday EV users!

    Ice Breakers
    I am an undergraduate student researching everyday experiences of EVs. I am interested in hearing from EV owners, particularly those who live in Greater London. If you could spare fifteen minutes of your time to partake in my research please drop me an email at [email protected]
  12. Source London - Anyone aware of any changes as of the 1st Jan 2016?

    General Charging Discussion
    Hi guys As my parents have just got their Zoe today I have been filling them in with the details on RFID cards. As they live in Watford, my own experiences there are that some points are Source East, while others are Source London. I know that they are supposed to roam, but due to whatever bs...
  13. Applying for the Congestion Charge ULED

    General EV Discussion
    I have a job in central London on Tuesday and so want to register my car for the Ultra Low Emission Discount. I was gobsmacked that despite the whole payment system being online, applying for the discount involves printing out a PDF, filling it in and then posting it to them by snail mail, with...