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  1. We need a section for "Our Leafs" :) My Leaf in Malta

    General Nissan EV Discussion
    We should have a section of the Leaf forum where we can post photos and stories about our own Leafs. I am going to post lots of photos of mine in as many picturesque locations of Malta and Gozo as possible - just to make everyone else jealous lol - it would be nice to see other people's great...
  2. Getting ICE'd for the first time in Malta

    General Charging Discussion
    Malta is ideally setup for EVs but some education of the masses is still required - however as you can see, they will be learning fast as every Charge Point carries the phone number of the local Police Station and I am assured that prompt action will be forthcoming and fines implemented. I...
  3. Malta - Read it and weep :)

    Charging Locations
    I've just updated Google Maps to include all of the charge stations for Malta so that I can update my TomTom map (because stupid Nissan has not included Malta maps in the European navigation maps (yes we are part of Europe and in the EU!!)) The Maltese islands are only 25 miles x 10 miles and...
  4. She's arrived in Malta!

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    Some of you may know that I was fortunate to buy @toscal353 2015 Leaf Tekna with just 5700 miles and not even 12 months old. It was a bit risky buying sight unseen and it was a risk for Graham to accept a bank transfer from "Malta" which, before it became part of the EU, had a reputation of...