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  1. 2020 Maps and Software

    Kia Niro
    New maps and software now available for the Kia e-Niro. Use at your own risk https://www.gpspower.net/kia/360080-kia-software-maps-update-2020-a.html
  2. e-Niro SD card.

    Kia Niro
    The navigation system manual mentions an SD card slot (page 4) but I can find no other reference to it in any of the manuals. Does anyone know its function? Maps? Audio? What specification of card does it accept?
  3. Welsh Bridge Now Free - Maps?

    Renault ZOE
    So with the M4 Severn crossing now toll free.. one wonders what TomTom map version one has to update to get rid of the "TOLL CHARGE!" announcement when one sets a Wales destination. Will TomTom Live magic it away or is it purely a map update? I note on the Renault R-Link store we are looking at...
  4. Charging Points now in Google Maps

    General EV Discussion
    Get charged up with Google Maps So Google announced this a couple of days ago and I think it's a great start to see some actual real integration of EVs and charging stations into such a popular and mainstream application such as Google Maps! It's starting off small with only a few charging...
  5. Navigator map data - Connect 2

    General Nissan EV Discussion
    Hi, I have the Connect 2 navigtor (not the EV) and bougth on e-Bay the "latest" (2016/2017 v3) map data. Stil no roads that were open 2 years ago. Is this to expected, or was I tricked?
  6. Nav, maps and traffic

    Tesla Model S
    I've just had an explanation for the reason the Model S onboard navigation (Nav) differs from the map shown on the centre console following a query over on the Tesla UK Facebook page. The map is updated live from Google's latest version whereas the Nav is periodically downloaded to the car, so...
  7. EV Diversion avoider ;-)

    General EV Discussion
    roadworks.org - Live and planned traffic disruptions
  8. Sun Calc tool

    Power, Fuel, Alt Energy and Environmental Impact
    While trying to get a realistic feel for how my solar panels are going to be illuminated over the year I can across SunCalc - a sun path overlay onto google maps. Helps me see quite how dark the winter is going to be versus how well my 3rd roof - NW facing - is going to be lit in the summer...