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  1. For Sale Leaf - cables, mats etc - i3 mats

    Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    Having a bit of a clear out and have various bits for sale. £10 - Nissan First Aid Kits - BRAND NEW £30 - Nissan Leaf Mats - BRAND NEW (Non Genuine but well made) £20 - i3 Carpet Mats - Leasing Company logo but very good condition - Used SOLD - Type 2 to1 Cable - Genuine Nissan 32a cable -...
  2. For Sale Nissan Leaf Charge Cable & Mats

    Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    Type 1 Cable - 32amp - Genuine Nissan = £100 Type 1 Cable - 32amp - EV Connectors 7.5m = £100 Nissan Carpet Mats x 4 = £25 Carpet Mats x 4 - Aftermarket = £20 Collection only from Milton Keynes
  3. New Leaf 2018 mats

    General Nissan EV Discussion
    Has anybody found some decent looking tailored velour mats for the 40kwh Leaf other than the over priced Nissan ones yet? Better still has anyone got some already that could rate them? Thanks
  4. Ioniq mats: BEV / HEV difference?

    First Generation Ioniq
    Just looking whether there are mats available for the Ioniq. The official Hyundai accessories site just seems to have ones for Ioniq HEV. This leads me to wonder if there's a difference (e.g. pedal positions?) between HEV and BEV which would make the HEV mats not fit the BEV models. After all...
  5. BMW offer

    BMW i3
    Because I am part of the BMW i Community BMW has offered me the all weather mats set at a discount price of £97.90 instead of the normal price of £133.50. What do you think?