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  1. Could you be the EV driver quoted in our press release?

    Charging Locations
    Hi everyone, Engenie have recently installed two new rapid chargers (CCS, AC and CHAdeMO) at Ortongate Shopping Centre in Peterborough and I've got a press release to go out to local news publications on Monday. I'm looking for quotes from EV drivers whom these chargers benefit - even just a...
  2. EV owner

    Ice Breakers
    Hello, I'm a television news journalist working on community issues for YouTube and Web channel YourNewsUKtv, ynuk.tv We are planning a news item on EV owners and wondered if there is anyone out there who would be happy for us to do an interview with them. It would be to talk about the...
  3. Problem uploading media

    Site Feedback and Wishlists
    Everytime I try to upload a picture I get an error message: "There was a problem uploading your file" it´s a jpg 376kb. Why is that? I have created an album where I inted to upload the pictures.
  4. BBC ALBA seeking EV Enthusiast

    General EV Discussion
    Eyeline Media, an Aberdeen based production company are looking for a Scotland-based EV enthusiast to appear on Air an Rathad (On the Road), a motoring series we produce for BBC ALBA, the Gaelic language channel. We have a short segment called 'Petrolheads' (not very appropriate in this case!)...