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  1. Renault OEM 3pin Uk to Mennekes “Granny” Cable

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  2. Recommend Type 2 charging cable for Tesla

    General Charging Discussion
    After having a snoop around locally I notice that a number of locations have type 2 socketed chargepoints like at IslaBikes. I think we will need to buy a Type 2 M to F charging cable as the UMC cable doesn't seem to have the adapter. Which cable / manufacturer would people recommend for...
  3. Cheap Type-2 Cables

    General Charging Discussion
    Just bought one of these (no connection with the company). 32 amp, 5 metre long Type 2 to Type 2 (Mennekes) cable for £129.99 - cheaper than I've found anywhere else. Bright orange colour. Company rang me before delivery to confirm my delivery instructions. Courier delivery was quick...