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  1. MG5
    Hello there. Long time lurker on this site always find the discussion here really useful. I have a leaf 30 (I love this car) at the moment and a crappy ICE (I hate this car) to cover long trips with the family. I'm either thinking of replacing the ICE with another crappy ICE or I am eyeing up...
  2. Ice Breakers
    Hi there. I just joined the forum. I have just got an MG5 Long Range. It isn't listed in the list of cars :( Help!
  3. MG5
    I got my MG5 in January this year & immediately started using Google Maps from my phone via Android Auto to show on the infotainment screen. Initially the search window was placed in the top left of the screen, but recently it somehow moved itself across from the left to the right hand side of...
  4. Jemima MG5 copy.jpg

    Attempting the Speyside Way
  5. MG5
    I bought an ex-demo MG5 in March as my first EV and have been really pleased. But recently we have had an issue where we get a "Connected, uncharged" error message when we try to use our 3-pin granny charger at home. We think it might be related to some work we had to do extended power and...
  6. MG5
    Anyone worked out how to disable the auto wipers yet...? The car is also fitted with intermittent wiper (variable) settings the two functions are mutually exclusive.
1-6 of 6 Results