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milton keynes

  1. EV Experience Centre in MK

    General EV Discussion
    Hey Everyone! Apologies if this has gone into the wrong section of SpeakEV... I'm hoping that one of the moderators can move it if it has.. As some of you may know, we're launching the UK's first ever multi-brand EV Experience Centre soon. Full information on this can be found here...
  2. milton keynes parking for dummies (i.e. me)

    Charging Locations
    I've read this thread Milton Keynes : what exactly is the deal with EV parking ? and I'm more confused than when I started. We're going there imminently, and I don't have any permits and no time to get one, but I do have polar plus and a leaf so definitely qualify as an EV and can plug into...
  3. Servicing suggestions?

    Renault ZOE
    I'm due my second annual service, phoned the original dealer out of habit but they are unable to to confirm how much they are planning on charging, even ball park and they tried to tell me that I had never been there before as I wan't on the computer. Has anyone had a good experience, somewhere...
  4. "EV charging only" spaces in MK - new parking rules in paper.

    General Charging Discussion
    Looks like some spaces are changing to EV charging only, max stay 2 hrs. Doesn't bother me as I never use the Chargemaster posts but might be helpful for visitors outside the current city centre 7-10am and 4-6pm EV only parking times. Announced in the local free paper - page 67 if you want to...
  5. How to get info about Ecotricity repair schedule

    Charging Locations
    I'll be going to Ikea in Milton Keynes in the next few weeks, but according to Zap-Map, their charge point has been offline since at least 3 Dec. I tried tweeting @ElecHighway but their response was a rather unhelpful "please check map on our website" which, as far as I can tell, simply says...
  6. Photos of the BMW i3 Meet at the Stadium MK

    BMW i3
    Here are some aerial photos of this weekends i3 meet up at the Stadium MK in Milton Keynes. It was a good turn out of i3's with a few i8's, probably the largest i3 meet so far in the UK...