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  1. Other EV Makes and Models
    New 500e motor1 article 42 kWh battery 88kW motor 85kW DC CCS charging speed 199 miles WLTP range First Edition price before incentives €37,900(!) They’ve gone to the annoyed cat school of design but otherwise looks pretty much the same. Good specs and I’m sure post-launch trims will be...
  2. Ice Breakers
    Hi Guys! My names Will, just thought I'd introduce myself! I currently work with MINI in Newport South Wales, and I've just had some exiting news from MINI about the New Fully Electric MINI! Working with Nissan in the past, being part of the team working with the Leaf 2.0 launch, this new...
  3. General EV Discussion
    Electic Minis now going down production line at Cowley (or Plant Oxford as they call it). I have a Countryman PHEV now but will defo swap it for one of these full EVs. Oh, and isn't it great this is being made in UK, so now we have both Mini and Leaf, and iPace. Not bad, any other European...
  4. BMW i3
    Anyone else have a MINI PHEV here and feel like the rejected little cousin of a BMW? :)
  5. General EV Discussion
    The latest updated model in the MINI family is the Countryman compact SUV. With looks of an elevated MINI Clubman with under pinnings and motors from the BMW 225xe. Read more here: MINI’s first plug-in hybrid #EV revealed - driveEV
  6. General EV Discussion
    bought this and it is pretty cool :D if anyone likes it: TESLA SUPERCHARGER original cable replica high quality