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  1. Mobile data : Single point of failure?

    General Charging Discussion
    Today, most of the O2 (and their MVNO resellers Sky Mobile, Giffgaff) mobile data is down. Net result: about a quarter of ev drivers in the UK won't be able to use a mobile phone app to start or stop a charge. Some chargepoints will be offline, and will default to their offline, un-networked...
  2. Event: Recruiting participants for EV Tourism Trip Planner User Study!

    Groups, Gatherings and Regional Discussion
    Hello fellow EV owners and friends, WXY planning + urban design, an interdisciplinary urban planning practice in New York City, wants to learn more about how electric vehicle drivers plan long-range road trips. We’re looking for passionate BEV owners to join us in our NYC office or via Skype...
  3. Charge your Car mobile accessible web page

    General Charging Discussion
    It seems that thanks to the work they're doing on Chargeplace Scotland, Charge your Car are working on an improved, mobile-accessible web site. CYC Mobile It looks like you can do remote starts on this web site, which you can't on the main web site (which brings the functionality that...
  4. CYC map now giving more info

    General Charging Discussion
    Thanks to @CYC for honestly saying "we don't know" when their systems have failed to contact a charge point, and as such it is unlikely to work for app access and RFID cards that haven't previously been pushed or cached at that charger. The large number of these shows that mobile data, though...