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  1. Playing media from phone on R-Link

    Renault ZOE
    I can't seem to be able to play music stored on my Android 7.0 phone via R-Link. The phone connects fine via bluetooth and loads contacts and the call history but when I go to Media>Music and select the phone doesn't show up any tracks. When I connect the phone via USB it says "Device not...
  2. How far could you drive for the price of your mobile phone deal?

    General Charging Discussion
    Ever compared everyday costs that you never give a second thought to, with how far you could drive in your EV each year for the same amount? Worked it out for my BMW i3 and was staggered that my Vodafone £25/month deal could take me 8,500 miles on grid power, or 17,000 on PV. There's loads of...