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  1. Model 3 issue with a Siemens Rapid using CCS

    Tesla Model 3
    Sorry for the long post but it may be of interest to some and possibly an answer to others. This is on a charger managed by Charge Place Scotland. I’ve come across this issue and raised it with CPS but wondering if anyone else has experienced it. When using the CCS on a Siemens charger the...
  2. Supercharger Question

    General Tesla Motors Discussion
    Noob question here about my pending Model 3. It has a CCS port, but the top part of the CCS port is the Type 2 / Tesla part. Given that Model S's etc have only this part, does this mean that the Model 3 can use either charge cable at the Tesla Superchargers? And if not, why not? Many thanks
  3. Do we know what kind of socket European Model 3’s will have ?

    Tesla Model 3
    I was just wondering if we knew what kind of socket the European spec Model 3’s are going to get ? Presumably it’ll have a standard Type 2 socket which will allow 3 phase AC (upto what power? - 32a per phase would be nice) and DC supercharging. But do we know any more than this ? To my...