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  1. Has anyone had a M3 on PCP delivered?

    Tesla Model 3
    I'm waiting for my delivery date (again). Getting the car on the Black Horse PCP. I'm a little alarmed at the lack of paperwork / confirmation from Black Horse. Previously bought a Nissan on PCP and got quite a lot of paperwork which included confirmation of monthly payments, list of 'rules'...
  2. Supercharger Question

    General Tesla Motors Discussion
    Noob question here about my pending Model 3. It has a CCS port, but the top part of the CCS port is the Type 2 / Tesla part. Given that Model S's etc have only this part, does this mean that the Model 3 can use either charge cable at the Tesla Superchargers? And if not, why not? Many thanks
  3. 2x Tesla CHAdeMO Adaptor for Model S, X & 3 for sale

    Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    Hi All, We selling two CHAdeMO adaptors for Tesla Model S, X & 3 (I believe this has been enabled - Perhaps a Model 3 owner in the forum can confirm) We have one still boxed brand new, which we'd like £550 for it. (This is a Revision D - which means it'll work with a Facelift Models) The...
  4. Bristol Cribbs Causeway Test Drives

    Tesla Model 3
    Hi, Does anyone know if you can test drive a Model 3 from Cribbs Causeway or somewhere near there?
  5. Need Your Help! Getting Word Out on New Marketing/Sales Program

    General Tesla Motors Discussion
    I have a new sales/marketing program that is something like an amplified referral program, with many benefits. I want to pitch it to Tesla but I haven't been able to get a response from a single one of their official channels. I have hit the last resort of tweeting Mr. Musk but I am not a...
  6. Model 3 Leasing 10Kpa £230+vat, 5k down or £432+Vat no deposit

    Tesla Model 3
    Just got a mail through from Centralukvehicleleasing.co.uk Leasing deals for Model 3 Standard Plus – Central UK Vehicle Leasing 24 months 10000 Miles Per annum INITIAL RENTAL: £5000.00 + vat 23 x Monthly Rental @10kpa= £229.99 + VAT 23 x Monthly Rental @12kpa= £235.99 + VAT 23 x...
  7. Model 3 Name?

    Tesla Model 3
    Being a typical introverted Brit, I have never named a car but my American friends tell me that my awaited Model 3 won't work without it. It'd be good to hear what your's will be called and why?
  8. Hello (Mitsubishi PHEV owner soon to be Tesla model 3)

    Ice Breakers
    Newbe to this forum., looking forward sharing and supporting and reading Ordered my Tesla model 3 and am looking forward to getting it at some point.
  9. UK Tesla Account - Model 3 Order

    Tesla Model 3
    Hi guys, I now have delivery location address, in my Tesla Model 3 Order page:- I assumed they were going to deliver to my nearest Tesla showroom? As it would be better handover service. Is this in case I want it delivered to my home or work address? What have you guys put here?
  10. OLEV Eligible Vehicles

    Tesla Model 3
    I just received word from the Office for Low Emission Vehicles that they have received Tesla's application for the Model 3 to be added to the Plug-in Car Grant (PICG) list and the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) list of eligible vehicles. The latter will allow us to get a grant of £500...
  11. Second Hand Model S Market - Rebasing ?

    Tesla Model S
    Hi everyone Any thoughts on likely prices of Model S post Model 3 announcement and more importantly the massive price cuts to Model S new cars. I noticed Tesla’s Used cars have not been re-priced so there are S100PDLs at over £30 more than the new ones!! Will we see a bunch of 2014/15 Model S...
  12. Just Driven M3 in California (along with Boxster S and MX5)

    Tesla Model 3
    There is a wonderful car share app big in the USA > Turo Turo car sharing marketplace | Find a rental car alternative or earn money sharing your car I love to compare cars for myself, as many reviews are biased by personal experiences and values. So over a few free days on a recent trip to LA I...
  13. Do we know what kind of socket European Model 3’s will have ?

    Tesla Model 3
    I was just wondering if we knew what kind of socket the European spec Model 3’s are going to get ? Presumably it’ll have a standard Type 2 socket which will allow 3 phase AC (upto what power? - 32a per phase would be nice) and DC supercharging. But do we know any more than this ? To my...
  14. Model 3 Insurance - UK Pricing

    Tesla Model 3
    Hi, I've tried looking whether a thread already existed for this, couldn't find one but apologies if duplicating! Does anyone have any insight or logic on policy pricing will be in the UK? Assuming it'll be based on a similar luxury saloon in its class? I am this close <-> to placing a...
  15. Hey i m new

    Ice Breakers
    Hey im Alberto and im from Spain, i ´m a Model 3 reservist from December
  16. Tesla has delivered some Model 3 SR?

    Tesla Model 3
    The fact is that I have been told that Tesla serves cars by descending price, so those of us who are in charge of the Model 3 SR will have to wait for them to send all the Model 3 LR is it true ? o you know some people has a Model 3 SR now ?
  17. Tesla's China trip on fast lane

    General EV Discussion
    It seems the Tesla CEO believes in responding to critics through his action. A week after making it official that the company is turning profitable, Musk this week started hiring employees for his ambitious Gigafactory in China.
  18. Desperate for profits, Musk turns to suppliers for refund

    General Tesla Motors Discussion
    In its drive to achieve profitability, the auto manufacturer is apparently approaching its suppliers seeking a refund on the amount it had spent in 2016 for auto parts. Desperate for profits, Musk turns to suppliers | AlphaStreet
  19. Tesla hides huge number of Model 3: Images & Video

    Tesla Model 3
    This week, few Tesla lovers found roughly 2,000 Model 3 vehicles lined-up in the parking lot of a building near Tesla’s Fremont factory in the Bay Area. They immediately took Twitter as the medium of exchanging and sharing this info along with photos and videos of the building. One of them had...
  20. What would Elon focus on during the shareholder meeting?

    General Tesla Motors Discussion
    When Tesla tweeted about shareholder meeting and asked to tweet the questions for Elon to answer, people bombarded with questions on various issues. Obviously, there were questions related to Model 3 production, accidents caused by automotive cars, Elon snubbing analysts’ questions in the...