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  1. Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    For Sale is my 2019 Model3 Performance. Registered 20-09-19, 69 plate. Paint work has been professionally detailed and G-Technic Ceramic coated from new. PPF on rear wheel arches. Wireless phone charger pad. Lifetime subscription to premium connectivity (Spotify, Live/ Satellite Google Maps...
    £47,300 GBP
  2. Tesla Model 3
    Can anyone tell me how I can get air to flow out of the rear centre console airvent? I've tried every setting in th a/c screen but no joy🥴
  3. Tesla Model 3
    Just seen this in my app. Heated steering wheel included in rear heated seats software update. Sure it was £300 just for the heated rear seats at on point?
  4. Tesla Model 3
    Picked up a brand new Tesla Model 3 a few days ago and I am losing about 10 miles every night while it stays parked. Went from 187 miles to 177 miles this morning. I understand it is called phantom drain and is affected by outside temperature and other factors but that seems like a lot! Does...
  5. Tesla Model 3
    Picked up the Tesla Model 3 Standard Range a couple of days ago from Chertsey, UK. Was specifically told that this is the newer version which has a longer range (305 miles) rather than the one with slight less range (270ish I believe). When I logged into the app, it says 100% = 269 miles...
  6. General EV Discussion
    I came across this article: Is Aluminum Regaining Popularity Among EV Makers? Foxconn Seems to Think So Seems like a few Taiwanese big companies are betting on some new types of aluminium alloy for EV chasis. I thought aluminum is a lose case already?
  7. Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    2020 Telsa Model 3 SR+ for sale. bought new at the end of March 2020, has done 7415 miles and is a pre refresh model, so it doesn't have the heat pump or heated steering wheel that comes with the Chinese cars. Average economy to date is 4.25 m/kWh though in October on a long run from...
  8. Tesla Model Y
    Well, I own a model Y right now, and I’m thinking about refit my wheels to aftermarket wheels. The problem is that all aftermarket wheels that I prefer are really big wheels. I’m afraid that those big wheels won’t fit, what if they scratch the fenders or brake calipers? So I search on the...
  9. General Tesla Motors Discussion
    Hi all, I’ve collected the specs of the refreshed Tesla Models to easily compare them. It helped me decide what to buy when I was looking for a Model 3. Maybe this can help you too. https://comparemodels.wtf
  10. Tesla Model 3
    Hey, new here! I’m looking to add spacers to my Performance Model 3. Has anyone else done this with the 20” wheels and can you be so kind as to share your information? I saw many of model3 owners using bloxsport wheel spacers, it seems to change its brand name into BONOSS,so did anyone use...
  11. Tesla Model 3
    I love Bjorn Nyland's approach to testing and this video this morning is no different. To compare energy consumption between PTC and heat-pump equiped Model 3 is great, but the level of detail he's providing with the Scan my Tesla app, showing how the new Octovalve is working to divert waste...
  12. Tesla Model 3
    Hi, just thinking what I need to do before selling your model 3. Do I have to factory reset and remove the car from my account? Anything else.
  13. General EV Discussion
    Well it's happened, getting to 12 months in a Model 3 and getting the itch to jump into something else. Anyone else thinking the same.? Thoughs were either a MG ZS EV or an egolf. Have a test drive for a ID3 on Friday but not sure I will like it enough to justify the cost. Had a MG exclusive...
  14. Tesla Model 3
    Tesla Model 3 Performance 2019 for sale. Amazing condition!! Call me for more info. 07415786589 Call me for more info. 07415786589
  15. Tesla Model 3
    A while back there was a thread on here about foglights on early-ish UK SR+ cars and I posted that I wasn't really a fan of the black covers having missed the order cuttoff date for getting them by a couple of days (and not noticing / being made aware of the change not that I could really have...
  16. Tesla Model 3
    Hi there, You guys/girls maybe already seen enough reviews of the Tesla Model 3, but I want to share mine anyway :). I hope you all like/enjoy it! With kind regards, Rechargingshow
  17. Tesla Model 3
    So I'm an EV novice but have taken the plunge and ordered the M3P, due May/June, just wondering what I should do to prepare... Getting a podpoint 7kw on the drive, but there's charging at work as well - I'm sooo confused about public charging networks. Zapmap shows 4 chargers in our multistorey...
  18. Tesla Model 3
    I've a few things that need resolving on my Model 3. Bits of trim need fixing, lumbar support stopped working on passenger and the electric seat adjustment is making strange noises. I'm booked in for a service and I've noted all these things but I'm slightly concerned that it won't be done in...
  19. Tesla Model 3
    I'm keen to know if I'm being a complete fool with my charge scheduling. Our model 3 doesn't seem to want to do it. Now, I'll admit the app for our home charger is shockingly bad but I still managed to set it up for a schedule. But nothing happened. I had heard the rumours that the Model 3 has...
  20. General Tesla Motors Discussion
    Evening all. I’ve been researching for months now about purchasing a M3, but reading about the QC issues is it worth holding back and waiting for GF4 to start production of M3s and Ys? Makes me wonder if QC will be better (being German based) and whether the price may reduce at all because of...
1-20 of 64 Results