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model s 2015

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    It's unfortunate but I've got to part ways with my dream car, I only purchased her last year as a CPO model from Tesla directly, so plenty to run on the warranty. My circumstances have changed since the purchase, I'm due to become a father and my outgoings to pay for this car are not currently...
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    I thought you might like to see the UK Figures for 2015 that the DVLA has finally made available today This possibly excludes cars like mine that were taxed in 2015 to start on 1st Jan 2016 although I see there is one S90 shown. (which may be counted towards Elon's 2015 numbers but not the...
  3. Tesla Model S
    Just saw the DVLA have posted the breakdown of car models including the first D's values = total cars on road (any year) as per registrations up to end Q3 2015 (1.1k = approx 1070)
  4. Tesla Model S
    Re Parax's "GB service number" Based on registration data, Tesla delivered 541 MS cars in the UK during the first 9 months of the year. We know from published DVLA data that 1045 Tesla S were on the road as of the end of Q2 so we can derive that 1238 were on the road by the end of Q3 which...