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  1. Tesla UK - PCP Mileage Question

    Tesla Model S
    Hi everyone :) I'm looking to place an order on a new S75 in the next week or so but I'm just a little confused regarding the mileage allowance. For the colour / options I've chosen with a £12k deposit it comes to £550 a month with a 10,000 mile allowance but if I change that to 20,000 miles...
  2. Project Loveday Help

    General Tesla Motors Discussion
    Hello, My brother and I filmed a video for the project Loveday contest being held by Tesla. We worked very hard on the video and would appreciate it if you guys could take the time to watch our video and leave a comment or give a thumbs up. It would really help us. Link to the video: Any ideas...
  3. Tesla Model S tyres - where to go, what to get

    Tesla Model S
    I did search and didn't see a tyre thread, feel free to point me in the right direction and I can ask for this to be deleted. My car is a 90D has the 19" wheels and has had Michelin 245/45R19 Primacy 3 extra load tyres fitted from new, they have lasted quite well - after 7 months we are coming...
  4. Tesla Model S P100D Runs 10.638 @ 124.65mph

    Tesla Model S
    For daily drivers, our Teslas are a no compromise vehicle. They don't have the top end of high hp drag monsters like the GTR or the Lamborghini, but around town at speeds under 100mph in real world street conditions (especially rain) they are nearly unbeatable. Thank you Tesla for this great...
  5. New look for my Model S

    Tesla Model S
    As much as I like the factory look of the older Model S, I'm thinking it's time for an image change. Face lift to make it look like the newer Model S is an option but wanted to consider a different route as well. I found an article about a chrome wrapped Model S in Japan and saw that they were...
  6. Model S P100D Ludicrous Launch + Reactions

    Tesla Model S
    Hey gang, my buddy and I just created a new YouTube channel for all things Tesla. We uploaded our first video a couple hours ago and would love some feedback! Also, it's my first time editing a video, so go easy on me..
  7. Model x and maybe s frunk security flaw

    Tesla Model X
    Skip to about 10 mins
  8. One year on 1st Jan 2016 - 2017

    Tesla Model S
    So here we are exactly one year on from the S90 appearing on my driveway – so what is the experience / learning for someone like me with a relatively low annual mileage? 1. I would change nothing of the specification that I made – I learnt early on that the choice of specification is very...
  9. A little life hack for the Model S... using an Amazon Echo Dot

    General Tesla Motors Discussion
    Hi all... Like many, I got an Amazon Echo Dot for Christmas... I thought to see how good Alexa was as a companion on my drive... So, I wrote this little Life Hack on my blog. IMG_20161229_161747 by Dennis Pascual, on Flickr
  10. Tesla are coming to The Phoenix Works

    General EV Discussion
    It's short notice but Tesla Leeds are coming to The Phoenix Works office this Friday (16/12) between 1 and 3pm. They are kindly bringing a Model S and Model X for some mini test drives! Why not come and visit us, get some information and have a little drive? Our address: Gate 3, Springfield...
  11. Model S Insurance renewal

    Tesla Model S
    For those of you about to do the first insurance renewal - I thought my experience might be of interest. Last December I insured the brand new model S90 with LV (list £78k - £5k) & it cost me £515.16 Today I received the LV renewal letter & they wanted £730.25 claiming they had just increased it...
  12. Vampire drain seems to level off a lot

    Tesla Model S
    Left my car with Purple Parking for a week and thought you all might be interested to see the Typical mileage I saw when checking each day. Car was in power save & valet mode & disconnected from mains throughout. Car was in an outdoor car park according to the app
  13. Model S P100D becomes world's Quickest 0-60 car from Dec update !

    Tesla Model S
    Hi, Elon Musk just disclosed the new Easter Egg which will give Model S a new performance boost that will enable it to go from 0 - 60 mph in just 2.4 secs that's faster than the Bugatti Veyron & Porsche 918 Spyder, actually the fastest production car in the world at the time... so what's the...
  14. Headlights - do people flash you when you are dipped?

    Tesla Model S
    I live in the countryside and drive a lot in the dark on unlit roads, I find I get flashed quite a lot by people who think my headlights are not dipped (when they are) I have checked the alignment of the lights and they are correctly set i.e. they aren't too high in the dipped position. They...
  15. Ultra High Fidelity Sound System - are there any visible differences?

    Tesla Model S
    Had a the car, a 90D, a couple of weeks now and its a bit early to draw too many conclusions ...... BUT One thing both the wife and myself do already agree on is that we are unimpressed with the quality of the Ultra High Fidelity Sound System, to the extent that I am wondering whether it is...
  16. Premium Rear Console for Model S

    Tesla Model S
    We have quickly realised that if you have kids in the back of your Model S regularly then you need to come up with an aftermarket storage solution as there appears to be ZERO storage of any kind in the back. No storage bins in doors, no pockets in the seat backs, no centre console and no cup...
  17. Pod-Point post blew up

    Tesla Model S
    First time I have used my type2 cable today and plugged the ms into a pod point post today at a railway station and the post went off. Brand new tesla (mennekes) type 2 cable. Another MS owner was plugged in to the other side of the post (sorry about that) One assumes that given the post puts...
  18. AutoExpress gives 5-stars to facelifted Model S

    Tesla Model S
    Check out todays 'Auto express' ... Facelifted P90D gets 5 star - perfect score. With some fab quotes about being simply THE best car, period This week's issue and digital edition of Auto Express (shakes piggy bank .... hard ;) )
  19. DVLA figures for 2016 Q1

    Tesla Model S
    Finally DVLA have put the 2016 Q1 model S figures on their web site FYI They only started breaking out the model types in Q3 2015 - prior to that they were all in the top category
  20. Viewing interior temperature from App

    Tesla Model S
    Not sure if it is my car, my App, just Android or what? It being a "touch warm" today I have been making use of remotely turning the climate on a few minutes before using the car & noticed that that interior temperature is sometimes shown and sometimes not shown. It does not seem to depend on...