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  1. Pre-paid service plan — other options?

    Tesla Model S
    While I'm waiting for my Model S to be delivered, I'm looking at the optional Pre-paid service plan and thinking, "£1800 sounds like a lot". One of the advantages of this car is meant to be that it's super reliable because the moving part count is so low, and there's no oil or filters to...
  2. Anyone Thinking Of Buying A Tesla?

    General Tesla Motors Discussion
    This has been a while since the whole 'Referral Frenzy' kicked off. But anyone thinking of purchasing a new Tesla in the next(Lets see...) 18 days, can use the link down there to get $1000 Off the purchase. And of course, I will too(Win, Win, Right?). If you have any questions, feel free to PM...
  3. Another soon to be Tesla Model S owner...

    Ice Breakers
    Hi All! Like many I thought to reach out and say hello to fellow EV-centric like-minded people... The car has been on order for almost 3-months now and delivery is expected within the coming 8-weeks. Should there be any recommendations out there from 'lessons learned' etc then I'd be...
  4. Supercharger authentication

    Tesla Model S
    Small question for the Teslarati on this forum: how does a supercharger know that a Model S is allowed to use the charging facilities? Does the car send some instructions over the cable when connected, or do you have to wave an RFID card?