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  1. 2x Tesla CHAdeMO Adaptor for Model S, X & 3 for sale

    Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    Hi All, We selling two CHAdeMO adaptors for Tesla Model S, X & 3 (I believe this has been enabled - Perhaps a Model 3 owner in the forum can confirm) We have one still boxed brand new, which we'd like £550 for it. (This is a Revision D - which means it'll work with a Facelift Models) The...
  2. For Sale Tesla Signature Black Wall Connector

    Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    Hi All, I have a brand new Tesla Signature Wall Connector for sale, this is the matte black limited edition one with Elon Musk's signature on it in silver from the referral program. It's a Gen 2 version with 24ft Type 2 connector. I've listed it on eBay and linked to it below but happy to sell...
  3. Grand Tour Review of Tesla Model X

    Tesla Model X
    I just watched the review of the Model X on The Grand Tour. It was actually much better than i expected for a Electric Car from Clarkson! He did make sure he was accompanied by Solicitors for part of the episode which was quite entertaining. The only thing he really criticised was the price...
  4. Looking forward to a couple of days in an X

    Tesla Model X
    With an owned outright LEAF & an Outlander on lease for another 2 years I've drooled over Teslas for some time. My wife swung a test drive of a MS this time a couple of years ago as a treat for my 60th birthday and the Knutsford showroom were very accommodating considering there was not an...
  5. Tesla Battery Mass

    General Tesla Motors Discussion
    Hi there! Does anyone know where I can find the mass/weight of the battery packs for the various Tesla models? This information doesn't appear in Tesla's online literature that I can find, but I also don't own a Tesla so I'm wondering if it can be found in an owner's manual? (I also tried...
  6. Model X DVSA Recall

    Tesla Model X
    The DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) have issued a recall notice for the Model X: DVSA reference number R/2017/191 Make and model TESLA: Model X Issue Passenger airbag will not deploy That seems to be a definite 'will not deploy' rather than a 'may not' Has anyone been affected or...
  7. Hello from Southend-on-Sea!

    Ice Breakers
    Hi all I am new to EV but been wanting to get one for a while was looking at getting the Audi Q7 Etron until they announced they removed the 3rd row of seats. Then moved onto the Volvo XC90 Hybrid but ended up test driving the Tesla Model X and loved it. Now taking delivery sometime soon on a...
  8. Model x and maybe s frunk security flaw

    Tesla Model X
    Skip to about 10 mins
  9. New iOS App

    Tesla Model X
    I'm a new Tesla owner and I've just published my new app QuickTesla Screenshots and video and link to the App Store here: quicktesla In addition to the usual controls and stats, it includes the following unique features: Records statistics related to your charging sessions and your driving...
  10. Tesla are coming to The Phoenix Works

    General EV Discussion
    It's short notice but Tesla Leeds are coming to The Phoenix Works office this Friday (16/12) between 1 and 3pm. They are kindly bringing a Model S and Model X for some mini test drives! Why not come and visit us, get some information and have a little drive? Our address: Gate 3, Springfield...
  11. Paid Electric Vehicle Research Study $400

    General EV Discussion
    Hi, I work for a market research company based out of Sherman Oaks, California Q-Insights and we're hosting focus groups for owners of the Tesla Model X in California, Los Angeles & San Francisco, and in Secaucus New Jersey between the dates of November 30th & December 5th. The groups...
  12. Input for New Youtube Channel

    General EV Discussion
    Hey guys, I just started a new youtube channel on which I focus on different tech product and especially our new Model X. However, I am just a student and I would love to get your input on new videos that I can create. Please let me know if you have any suggestions. Paran Sonthalia Thank You
  13. Electric super car Rimac Concept One Beats LaFerrari and Model X Ludicrous

    General EV Discussion
    I saw this drag race a couple days ago so I thought I would write about it a little and put power stats for all cars on a page and the race video together for your viewing pleasure: http://www.xautoworld.com/concept-cars/model-x-la-ferrari-vs-rimac-concept-one/ I never imagined there could be...
  14. Another soon to be Tesla Model S owner...

    Ice Breakers
    Hi All! Like many I thought to reach out and say hello to fellow EV-centric like-minded people... The car has been on order for almost 3-months now and delivery is expected within the coming 8-weeks. Should there be any recommendations out there from 'lessons learned' etc then I'd be...
  15. Telsa Model X

    Tesla Model X
    So is it the coolest car ever? Certainly a contender... 6 things that make the Tesla Model X the coolest car ever | EV Performance
  16. Model X - Reveal 29 Sept 7pm PDT

    Tesla Model X
    All to be revealed, just how do those doors work? and what on earth is going on with those rear seats?