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  1. Corsa-E
    Anyone know if there are any planse for a bigger battery version of the corsa electric or mokka electric?
  2. Corsa-E
    Hey all, Hopefully, another owner of a Corsa-e/Mokka-e can explain this one for me because I feel like I'm being an idiot. I have my Mokka-e set to delay charging until later in the evening. Now, to the best of my knowledge, in order to use this I simply plug in the cable, then press the button...
  3. Mokka-E
    Finally found something annoying about my Mokka e Sri nav premium. There is no rear passenger courtesy light. Dark tinted windows mean from early evening you need a tourch to find anything on the back seats.
  4. Mokka-E
    Just curious if anyone else has a Mokka-e on order and how long you've been waiting so far. I test drove and ordered mine on the 24th of July then got a call two weeks later to let me know that "It's now been ordered". Which was a bit of a surprise as I had assumed they ordered it the day I paid...
1-4 of 4 Results