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  1. POLL: What electric motorcycle do you own?

    Just thought I would do a poll for people so we can see what electric bikes are most popular.
  2. Electric Motorbikes - Plug-in or removable battery survey

    General EV Discussion
    This poll is for in response to numerous requests regarding 100% electric mopeds/motorbikes. Please take a moment to consider
  3. Any Electric Moped or Motorcycle Riders in London?

    General EV Discussion
    New to this forum and wondered if there is any interest in electric mopeds or motorcycles?
  4. BMW C Evo

    General BMW EV Discussion
    Been lurking for a while but just bought a BMW C EVO, having previously owned a BMW C600 Sport, so thought now might be a good time to post Happy to answer any questions on the Evo as there is little owner info available on the net. Most Evos seem to be BMW demonstrators as far as I can work...