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  1. Which Ev

    General EV Discussion
    First some background, this is my first post on this forum so I hope that asking for recommendations is okay! I have a ICE car that I use for longer journeys and weekends, however I am looking at getting an EV through work to commute in. As the car is leased the reliability is not really an...
  2. My Range

    General Mercedes EV Discussion
    Well I was loosing sleep with range anxiety and making a 65 mile trip mainly on the motorway (M25-M26_M20) thinking the range would disappear when I got on the motorway, but was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. I did my 65mile trip I went on a 8 mile trip 1st to the Mercedes dealership...
  3. Zap-map showing lots of chargers down along proposed route, how accurate is it?

    General EV Discussion
    I'm planning to drive Bournemouth-Southport via M27, M3, A34, M40, M6 tomorrow in a Leaf 24. I've done it before in summer (3 stops) and autumn (4 stops) and in those trips all the chargers worked. Now it's come to winter it seems it's a different story. So much red on Zap-Map. It looks like...
  4. At what "slow" speed would you bail out onto the hard shoulder ?

    General EV Discussion
    Travelling south on the M6 on New Years day, (light traffic) spotted a car in the distance ahead which we were approaching in rapid time while we was travelling at approx 70mph... As we got closer I saw It was a silver Leaf. Road conditions where light rain but plenty of spray but decent...