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  1. Myenergi Zappi - some experiences for people considering it

    General EV Discussion
    So I bought an EV, needed a charger, and settled on the Myenergi Zappi - gets pretty solid reviews and my installer recommended it because he didn't need to add an earthing rod. After three weeks with the device, I thought I'd share some experiences for others who might need to make a choice...
  2. 'myenergi' hub, peripherals & FW

    General Charging Discussion
    The elusive hub arrived in this morning's post. For those who are intrigued or interested, this is what you get in the box: The power lead is about 1.7m long and the ethernet cable a rather short .5m. The power supply comes with 'pin' adapters for countries various. Also included are...
  3. Active Load Management

    General Charging Discussion
    We have recently noticed an influx in demand for our charge points with the amazing active load management feature, with 85% of our installs being installed with load management in the last month. Equipped with solar integration and load management, the Zappi is perfect for future proofing your...