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  1. Charging Networks
    Hi. I’m Barry in South Devon and am about to start leasing a new VW eUp. I’d welcome any advice about which networks to join and whether I need to order any cards so as to maximise charging flexibility and minimise costs when away from home. Thanks.
  2. Charging Networks
    We get our home energy from a renewable electricity provider but I haven't been able to find any information about the energy mix used to provide power to rapid charger networks. As we got an EV to reduce our climate change impact I would like to think we could access renewable energy when we're...
  3. Charging Locations
    I can't find any really recent figures for Ecotricity's accounts but it's pretty clear that the Electric Highway is going to be running at a loss for the foreseeable future. At current usage levels maintenance costs alone are likely to be higher than the small take from usage charges and where...
  4. Charging Locations
    I am pleased to announce that today we installed our first charging points in partnership with Britannia Parking. This is a 22kW dual outlet charging point and will show on our LiFe charging network that is accessible via my.franklinenergy.co.uk. The first charging point has been installed in...
  5. General Charging Discussion
    HI All, I'm new to the scene, expecting delivery of our Outlander PHEV in March. So, naturally, we've been looking into charging locations, prices, networks etc and bugger me, it's confusing! There seems to be a few networks (I read the sticky post on networks) and various charge maps and apps...
1-5 of 5 Results