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  1. Nissan Leaf not compatible with new polar chargers.

    General Charging Discussion
    I have recently used 3 separate polar rapid chargers that all say my car is not compatible with them. It usually does the pre-charge checks, then gets to the communication part, then after about 20 seconds, it’ll come up with a big red ‘X’ on the screen, saying vehicle not compatible with...
  2. Could you be the EV driver quoted in our press release?

    Charging Locations
    Hi everyone, Engenie have recently installed two new rapid chargers (CCS, AC and CHAdeMO) at Ortongate Shopping Centre in Peterborough and I've got a press release to go out to local news publications on Monday. I'm looking for quotes from EV drivers whom these chargers benefit - even just a...
  3. Rugby Club Going Green

    General Charging Discussion
    So I am a committee member of my rugby club and have just got involved with the building refurb. Doing my best to convince the others to save money in the long run by going as green as possible, solar panels, battery storage etc. All things we will be considering. I also want them to (ahem!)...
  4. New Charging network with Britannia Parking

    Charging Locations
    I am pleased to announce that today we installed our first charging points in partnership with Britannia Parking. This is a 22kW dual outlet charging point and will show on our LiFe charging network that is accessible via my.franklinenergy.co.uk. The first charging point has been installed in...
  5. New Ecotricity locations

    Charging Locations
    Alongside the long-awaited Sandbach Services Southbound, there's also a new one in Kent in the works, which is showing up in the app as 'no pumps currently available', and given that Ecotricity no longer keep their main web map up to date, I thought I'd mention it here, and it's due to be a...
  6. High cost to use new Cumbria charge network

    General Charging Discussion
    Dear All I know this topic is covered in another thread here but wanted to update you all on my efforts to bring the cost of using this new Cumbria charging network down to a reasonable level. As a local I dont need to use this as I can home charge my Leaf for less than 7p per KWh (night rate)...