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  1. The absurdity of some tariffs

    General Charging Discussion
    Hachy on Twitter For those who don't speak Dutch, The New Motion charge point, using The New Motion RFID, 11kW three-phase charging, €0.35/minute. Using the same New Motion charge point, with a Plugsurfing RFID, it's a quarter the price. The example is 1 hour long charge at 11kW, and €21 is...
  2. Oxford City new public charge points

    Charging Locations
    .. are apparently going to be run on the New Motion backend, who still have no roaming agreements with any mainstream UK operators - not for want of them trying - so if you don't already have an account / rfid with them, you'd need one. 10 public chargepoints 10 car club (co-wheels)...
  3. Weston-Super-Mare CYC -> New Motion

    Charging Locations
    It seems that Weston Super-Mare have moved their charge points from the CYC back-end to New Motion. Prices as before, just a bit less easy to use after CYC stopped their roaming agreement with New Motion, and it's one more account to set up before using them - and you have to wait for an RFID...