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  1. New Ampera Owner (Almost)

    Ice Breakers
    Greetings to everyone here. I have finally done it. I have bought (collecting on Saturday ([I hope]) a new (to me) Vauxhall Ampera. Its an aim I have had for some time now to buy some sort of EV. I even had a charger put in the garage several years ago (6 maybe, but its a guess) in preparation...
  2. A few questions from a soon to be owner

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    So I’ve just put deposit down on a 2016 Leaf 30 today and have a few questions I forgot to ask and are nagging me at the small hours of the morning. Will my car be able to use the remote climate control and charge options (do I need to tell it to stop charging anyway?) Is Iceing a big issue...
  3. Count me in!

    Ice Breakers
    I just paid a £500 deposit on a 2016 30kW LEAF with 7409 miles in grey. I paid £16,400. I've spent 3 weeks researching the ins and outs of the LEAF, and made a lot of use of the wealth of information and opinion on this forum, so thanks guys and gals. I live in Jersey (not New Jersey, the...
  4. Hello, from a new Ampera owner

    Ice Breakers
    Hi everyone. Just bought a high-mileage MY2013 Vauxhall Ampera. Spent many hours browsing this forum before deciding to do the deal. Looks like a great crowd here. Look forward to learning and contributing to the forum. Regards, Ian
  5. The C-Zero/iON/iMIEV new owners questions thread

    Other EV Makes and Models
    Okay, so new owner of a 2009 iMIEV, 43000 miles. I am going to have a fair few questions in the coming weeks as I get more used to my new car, and try to fix a few issues. Q1a. First up the wireless key thing. I just changed the battery for a new one, but still can't get it to lock or unlock...
  6. I've only gone and done it!

    First Generation Ampera and Volt
    Well after a whole load of research, deliberation and hunting for the right car I've done it. I've put a deposit on an Ampera and I pick it up on the Bank holiday weekend (cant wait). The only thing left for me to sort now is some insurance. My existing company won't insure and Ampera. Has...
  7. Just got a 2012 Ampera and couldnt be happier

    Ice Breakers
    So today it finally happened after months of research and longing we finally got our 2012 Ampera and I am over the moon. She is perfect and unlike any car I have ever seen before she is sleek but has a back end to die for!!! I have always been a petrol head and now I am an electric head and I...
  8. New Leaf owner...soon!!!

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    Hello all, I'm John, I'm an electronic engineer at GE Aviation in Cheltenham and i've ordered a Leaf!! I've gone for a 30KW Tekna in gun metal grey with the 6.6KW charger i'm hoping this is all going to work out which I'm sure it will. My commute is 25 miles each way so should have plenty of...
  9. A Pretty Awesome Thing Happened!

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    We took our kids to the cinema this weekend and on the drive home (in the Leaf of course), my partner (who was driving) decided to make a detour to pick up our ICE that he'd left parked near a station for his weekly commute. He parked alongside the ICE car, left the "engine" running in the...
  10. New Renault Zoe owner - great car

    Ice Breakers
    A revelation in stress-free city driving. The ze services software made it a joy up to last week. The cold snap and a change in the ze software app has taken some of the shine and heat(!) off, but let's hope the niggles are sorted out soon.