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  1. New chargers

    General Charging Discussion
    What's the best way to find out about new chargers? How quickly do they appear on Zap-Map/Plugshare?
  2. New EV Owner-119,000 Mile BMW i3 Battery Health

    Ice Breakers
    Hi all, I've just picked up a 2015 BMW i3 REX (60AH) with 119,000 miles on the clock and have to say I'm very impressed by it so far. Initially I was weary of buying an electric vehicle with such a high mileage due to battery degradation. Thought i'd give a break down of my current apparent...
  3. Newbie question

    Ice Breakers
    Hey guys i was wondering if there are platforms or apps who show you the cheepest option to charge your car. thanks :)
  4. Checklist for picking brand new Zoe up

    Renault ZOE
    Hi all, New member here and completely new to the Zoe. This forum seems one of the best for discussion, tips and advice ! I'll be picking up a brand new Zoe Dynamiq ZE 40 R110 in early March and travelling a fair way back from the dealer (120 miles) so want to make sure everything is present...
  5. A Day in the life of a GTE owner

    Volkswagen Golf GTE
    Day One, Saturday After many months of waiting, D day is here, prearranged with the dealer to collect the car (and pay!). 09:00, arrive and met by the sales person, run through paperwork, handed the card machine, slot in debit card, key in PIN, *boom* just like that spent £22k ;), scarily...
  6. new to this ...

    Ice Breakers
    Hello, Weve just taken delivery of a 1 year old Nissan Leaf 24kw. Very excited about the future. Any to tips or pointers would be welcome. Thanks duncan
  7. Ampera/Volt ground clearance worries

    First Generation Ampera and Volt
    Hi Folks I am looking forward to getting my new Ampera next week - but am worried about the ground clearance. My driveway rises to a lip, and as a car goes over the lip, the bottom of the car will be 4 inches nearer the ground. Those skirts at the sides of the Ampera are very pretty, but very...
  8. Any new chargers near you?

    Charging Locations
    I recently heard of a ukchargeonline charger being installed in Enniskillen-It's in the car park of the Enniskillen Ambulance station in the grounds of the old Erne Hospital..22kw output,payment online,registration required..works fine! Any others?
  9. ZOE owner saying hi

    Ice Breakers
    hi all have had a Zoe I bought "new" from a Renault dealer with 59 miles on the clock back in January and it was kept for me till I arrived back into the uk in June from living in Singapore. So far have only put a 1000miles on it. Had an issue this week with charging so thats why I joined to...
  10. Hej! First post here

    Ice Breakers
    Hej! I’m J A Y, But English name Jay will do :) I have a passion for Hybrid and EV technology and the future for oss, I “support” EVERY manufacturer in this pursuit but when it comes to sport, I have to go Renault (Formula E) and for road use I obviously love Tesla (who doesn’t?) however I’ve...
  11. Ordered my new PHEV today

    Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV
    I couldn't resist. A brand new 4H is coming my way within a couple of weeks. Very exciting! Taken out a lease for three years. My view is that in three years time there will be several long range EVs at more reasonable prices than Teslas by then and that's my end goal. So, it's a halfway...
  12. For Sale 2 Bolts in stock, Grey Premier and Black LT

    Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    2 Bolts are in stock. We had 4 last week and have 2 left. An LT and a Premier. Located in West Palm Beach, If you would like to set up an interview please message, text or call me and I will set it up for you. If we happen to sell them before an appointment, I will let you know before you come...
  13. Hi, I'm joining from the past

    Ice Breakers
    Hi everyone, I'm Simon and I got here via a route that I'm sure most of you are familiar with. I had my interest piqued by reports of the Ampera-e (sounds like a sensible range) and ended up on FullyCharged. I got hooked on the videos and so ended up here. I've read the forums to death and...
  14. New owner: Kia EV+

    Kia Soul EV
    Hi all: I just leased a Kia Soul EV+ in Portland, Oregon. What have you found unique or interesting about your Soul EV? I'm still learning about all of the all of the electronics and options with the EV+. What have you found that you really like and what was the most obscure thing you've learned...
  15. Hello from Newbie in Cornwall

    Ice Breakers
    Hello everyone! Really enjoying my 30KW LEAF so far! Comfortably doing my 50 mile round trip to work with plenty spare for going elsewhere the same day if needed. A lovely comfortable drive around the many different roads we have in Cornwall. (We've been further away too!) Thank you for a...
  16. Sold Leaf Tekna 30kW £199 per month with £199 deposit NOW ALL SOLD IN FLAME RED

    Electric Vehicle Classifieds
  17. Sold Leaf Tekna 30kW £199 per month with £199 deposit - BRAND NEW - FREE UK MAINLAND DELIVERY

    Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    ARBURY BROMSGROVE OFFER CHEAPEST BRAND NEW TEKNA LEAF IN THE UK! THIS CAR HAS NOW SOLD! This offer is available to all UK residents, and includes a free POD Point home charger (if required). The cars must be registered before the end of March 2017 to qualify for this deal. Not only this but...
  18. Multiple new company users?

    Site Feedback and Wishlists
    Has anyone else noticed many many new users appearing in the recent activity feed? All with similar logos all, all with US states? Or is it just me being paranoid?
  19. For Sale LEAF Acenta 30kWh from just £245 per month - £0 (zero) deposit

    Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    Hi All, Here I am with another offer - this time on brand new Nissan LEAF Acenta 30kWh. Offer based on LEAF Acenta 30kWh, 3.3kW charger, Flame Red, 6,000 miles pa, excess mileage £0.08 per mile. Offer valid until the 31st December 2016. Customer Deposit £0.00 Finance Deposit Contribution...
  20. Wanted Nissan E-NV200 Tekna Rapid Plus Van with winter pack

    Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    Good morning Looking for some help. Want to part exchange our current Citreon Berlingo 69k miles van for a Nissan e-nv200 tekna rapid plus (with winter pack). Struggling to find one at the price points mentioned in the forum. Local dealer is quoting "NEW £16359 + VAT and £55 reg fee with...