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  1. 1st PHEV coming, what will I need at home?

    General EV Discussion
    Hi all, I've ordered my first PHEV, (2020 Kuga). It will be used mostly for short commutes 5/6miles and for towing our caravan every 4/6 weeks. As I don't do loads of miles I probably would only need to charge it 2 or 3 times a week and this would almost always be overnight so no need for high...
  2. New EV owner (to-be)

    Ice Breakers
    Hello and Hi to everyone! I've taken the plunge and ordered my first PHEV! It the new 2020 Ford Kuga, very little information about it around so lots to find out! Will need lots of help and advice with charging point at home and tariffs etc, but for now just want to say hello and please be...
  3. Newbie, Fully Charged Live & Ampera, maybe?

    Ice Breakers
    Hello SpeakEVers! Newbie here, just dropping in to say hello and make small talk before I start posting annoying questions all over the place! My wife and I have been wanting to replace our diesel Yaris with something electric for a while now, and attended Fully Charged Live this past weekend...
  4. Second hand Leaf owner happy as can be

    Ice Breakers
    Hi all, Just picked up a second hand Leaf 24 from Nissan Leeds yesterday and had a lovely day in it. What is surprising is how solid it all feels - great. Home charging and what not to come and I am already using this forums advice - thanks to all.
  5. It's a whole new world....(Newbie Zoe owner)

    General EV Discussion
    Just catching up on all the things EV on this forum. We bought our Zoe (R240, 22kwh) just last week so are very much newbies in this space. The Zoe is brilliant for scooting around town (Perth). Recharging has been done either at one of the ChargePlace Scotland points in town or using a...
  6. Tips for 525 mile first journey

    Kia Soul EV
    Hi Folks, I get my Soul in a couple of weeks. Got a really good deal on it, but unfortunately the dealer is in Brighton and I live in Dundee, 525 miles away. So I am planning a wee road trip with a mate to share the driving. (its amazing how cheap flights are these days) I've just ordered a...
  7. Just picked up my GTE - What do I need to know?

    Volkswagen Golf GTE
    Hey all, First off I want to say thank you for providing such a friendly and helpful forum (from what I have seen). I picked up my 16 plate Golf GTE yesterday, and have managed to have a little play around with it. I want to connect my phone so that I can use Google Maps etc through the screen...
  8. Lurker becomes phev owner

    Ice Breakers
    Hi all, been on and off lurkering last couple of years as a Kia Niro HEV driver. Last week moved to a Niro PHEV. Would have loved to gone full EV and almost went for the new Leaf but rapidgate killed that for me. Couldn’t wait for the Kona EV to come etc. Anyway all that is history now and...
  9. Thinking about it....

    Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV
    Hi Everyone, Been a lurker for a while and still reading up on PHEVs etc. I need some guidance really to see if it's worth it or not, currently driving a 3.0 Diesel 4x4 and getting a fantastic 28MPG!!! due to Tax/Insurance and cost of diesel - i've been looking more and more into EVs/PHEVs...
  10. Considering EV, but questions...

    Ice Breakers
    I've currently got a clapped out ICE (Honda HR-V 2003) which I've been waiting to die for a few years now but just won't. However, my thoughts have turned to an EV as a replacement and I'm just reading up on it all. My first obstacle is the charge point at home. I live in London in a terraced...
  11. First month with a Leaf

    Ice Breakers
    I am new to this Forum, so 'hello', but I have now had my 2015 Leaf for one month. I do a 65 miles round trip communte across County Durham two days a week and have had no problems so far. I normally have two bars remaining when I get home. We have been across to the Lake District in the last...
  12. 3 Point Plug extension

    Ice Breakers
    Hello everyone. New to the forum as about to take delivery of a Mercedes c350e this week. Sorry if this question has already been covered. I have looked at lots of charging options and as I will mainly charge overnight I'm happy with a conventional plug vs charging station. However the car...
  13. Hello from Newbie in Cornwall

    Ice Breakers
    Hello everyone! Really enjoying my 30KW LEAF so far! Comfortably doing my 50 mile round trip to work with plenty spare for going elsewhere the same day if needed. A lovely comfortable drive around the many different roads we have in Cornwall. (We've been further away too!) Thank you for a...
  14. Which car should I buy?

    Ice Breakers
    Hello, I'm new here and to car ownership. I live in SE London with no off-street parking and want an Astra-sized or bigger car for short, low speed trips most days and longer trips using motorways once a month. I want electric for environmental, especially air pollution, reasons but have no...
  15. Newbie here but not to EV's

    Ice Breakers
    Hello Everyone, Just joined today for general discussions and of any fellow members tips and tricks! I have a 2014 i3 BEV which has just gone past the 28k mile mark, so have a 94Ah i3 on order for June. My i3 is a works vehicle which I use for perhaps 20-30 miles a day generally bombing about...
  16. 1st time public Level 2 install: get fancy bollard ($$$) or plain-Jane charger on budget?

    General Charging Discussion
    I’m a sustainability coordinator at a rural Midwestern non-profit of ~200 co-workers supporting a diversity of operations (retreat center, tiny college, nursing home, etc). We are behind the curve as to EV adoption. There are only two public Level 2 stations in the county. Demand for a charger...
  17. Innovation Specialist at Nissan London West

    Ice Breakers
    Hello guys I would like to introduce myself as the Innovation Specialist at Nissan London West. My name is Amjad Yasin and I have currently been doing the role for a few months now. I enjoy working with the leaf and also driving the leaf. I am hear to help customers as much as I can and also...
  18. Hello

    Ice Breakers
    not quite a newbie. Have had leaf for 12m.
  19. Newbie first question

    Ice Breakers
    Hi owned my A3 Etron for a week now and really impressed with how smooth it is. One question when I charge it up at home from a normal domestic plug it only ever gets to 22 miles. Is this normal? Cheers David