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  1. Tips for 525 mile first journey

    Kia Soul EV
    Hi Folks, I get my Soul in a couple of weeks. Got a really good deal on it, but unfortunately the dealer is in Brighton and I live in Dundee, 525 miles away. So I am planning a wee road trip with a mate to share the driving. (its amazing how cheap flights are these days) I've just ordered a...
  2. A303 - Coverage of A303 and similar long distance roads

    Charging Locations
    I'm investigating the practicalities of EV ownership. Obviously great for local usage and seems OK for motorway usage. I'm happy to stop for coffee along the way. However very long one journey several times a year is along the A303, where coverage looks very patchy. A lot of detailed research...
  3. Considering practicalities of owning an EV

    Ice Breakers
    With the exception of my current car, on which I got a good deal as the only owner, I've generally purchased year old cars due to their depreciation. I'd dismissed EV ownership due to the prices however a friend just alerted me to the depreciation rate which has suddenly made them sound very...